Most fun classes with Macro

Hello, guys! I have very little experience with WoW and Macros, so was wondering… what classes do you think are most fun and works very nice with GSE? :slight_smile:


Hello there @Endan

These are for sure the easiests rotation classes, and works very well with GSE

Hunter Beast Mastery
Warrior Fury / Arms
Demon Hunter Havoc
Mage Fire / Frost

With that said, i encourage you to try all the classes as well!



one thing must be specified.
To go well with the macro “base” in the sense of games you have fun alone do world these scenarios things are all good for fun.
The speech changes when you are looking for a class that does a bit of end game and I mean (raid hc/mitico- mitic plus high) then some are better because they are better because they have mechanics or rotations easier to perform in macros (see hunter bm basic bm which is among the simplest). you should use precise macros with manual tricks like (trinket + cd + essences) used to increase the dps. and also true that there is not only dps but there is the ability to play a class know how to move and more.

I play hunter bm at the basic end game raid plus level and I can tell you that if you optimize you will have many satisfactions my practical example:
I’ve been doing mythical raids for 16 years and I play for 6 years with the macro + I’m currently doing the mythical plus 24-25 with 4.2 k of score. so you just have to dedicate yourself to it.

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Thank you, now I have something to grab on.

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