Mount and Fishing Macro

I have a lazy macro that I currently use to mount one of my Cloud Serpents, or if I hold shift if mounts my Sky Golem for herbalism. I would like to add a modifier to cast my fishing rod.

For KeyPress I have:

/cast [mod:shift] Sky Golem
/use [mod:alt] [nochanneling] Fishing

And for Sequence I have

/cast Azure Cloud Serpent
/cast Golden Cloud Serpent
/cast Jade Cloud Serpent
/cast Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent

If I just run the macro it casts one of my Cloud Serpents just fine. If I hold shift it casts Sky Golem just fine. If I hold alt, I can see the Fishing button used (was on bar for testing) and I can see my character go through the cast animation but then they IMMEDIATELY mount up on one of the Cloud Serpents. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not looking for a fishing bot macro, just a lazy one to tac on to my mount button without using another button.

Are you leaving the macro running?
I would put mounts on a modifier and nothing without a modifier.
Use the fav mount button and put the serpents there.
Then could even do another mount on ctrl

quick example
/click [mod:shift] MountJournalSummonRandomFavoriteButton
/cast [nochanneling, mod:alt] Fishing

seems like an easy solution lol. might not be the best but it will work and not break your fishing