MS or speed choice for macros

I was wondering how big of a deal the actual speed you run macros will affect the output numbers or even the way a macro executes itself?

I see some macros recommendation at 150 ms but I seem to leave mine at 20 ms and havent seen any issues so the question I have is why slower?

It’s based on the Spell Queue Window, which is a latency tolerance system in-game.

So, your firing speed doesn’t really matter if it’s under 100 when your SQW is set to anything above 0 (1-400). If you set it (your SQW) to 0, then you will notice a difference as it’s inputting solely on your key-presses, and bypassing the tolerance system, but in setting your SQW to 0, you’re missing a lot of GCD opportunities, so it’s not worth it.

You can check you SQW in-game to see if it’s ever been altered via -
/dump GetCVar(“SpellQueueWindow”)

… and you can change it via -
/console SpellQueueWindow EnterNumberHere
“EnterNumberHere” is typically default at 400 for casters, 150 for melee. Sometimes 0 works if you have extremely low latency and you play a class like DH.

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Interesting. So basically if I’m reading this right, if my in game latency is super low it won’t be an issue. Otherwise I would need to fire the macro a lot slower.

Thanks for the reply Abby it’s good to have feedback.