Multiple macros, one keypress

In various threads when the question is always asked, "What do you mean key 1, 2, (and/or 3)???

Here’s a brief explanation // tutorial on using multiple macros on multiple keys with hardware or AHK to explain for those who haven’t been engaged in the discussions, copied from the last time I answered the question in the ENH shaman forum.

There is a method being used that incorporates several different macros bound to multiple keys and using programmable hardware (keyboard or mouse) or AHK (auto hot-key) to sequentially fire off designated keys.

I use a Logitech G910 keyboard and have SS macro on key #1, RB/ES macro on key #2, and main macro on key #3. (can also do it with any programmable hardware).

In this way it fires off #1 or #2 if the spell is off CD and available first then proceeds to run the main macro.

Image of the G910 setup

if you use AHK , as I do on my laptop the script would look like this, where “$<_>” is the key you bind to the action, and delay is time in milliseconds between sequence. Your delay may vary based on network latency, experiment and find what works for you.

toggle = 0
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
#ifWinActive World of Warcraft
$ <Enter bound key here>
Toggle := !Toggle
While Toggle{
Send {1}
Send {2}
Send {3}
sleep 180

There are better AHK scripts located in the forums. The purpose of this post wasn’t to delve deep into AHK scripting, but to provide a general idea of how to use it.

That should prove really helpful for those new to this format.

GJ Parrott

Thank you for the explanation. I have a question on single macro which use multiple talents. I have never found one that works completely, usually if i get it to work I still have to bind the “proc” talents to separate keys. I know this has to be on my end since i see so many people having great success with many of the macro’s. I wonder if it is my hardware since I don’t use a software program such as AHK. I bind to my mouse buttons which is the 12 button Logitech G600. if anyone has any experience with mouse binds and macro’s work, and they work fine please let me know here. I use the latest GSE release and I just copy and paste into it and drag it onto my hotbar. Thanks!

On my hunter I don’t use 3 macros like the shaman forum discusses.
I only use 1 macro on button #3, on #1 I have marked shot so when marked is available it fires that first, and on #2 I have piercing shot or murder of crows, depending on the talent choices. Whenever piercing or murder is avail it will fire off whatever I have on #2. If marked shot or piercing isn’t available then it simply rotates through the marco sequence.

Let me give an example of what I mean. I am leveling my fury warrior currently and I am trying to use this macro all-in-one only the three keypress functions work, not a single PreMacro function will work. They proc but I have to assign them a separate key and push them manually to use them. This happens on every macro I am using on all my WoW characters “12 in all”. And I don’t have a clue why.

I see in posts I am not alone with this happening. Hopefully we can figure out the problem and help a lot of new people to wowlazymacros :slight_smile:

So I read your post and unless I just missed it somewhere, how do I put GSE macros into where my keyboard will fire them off

wow, old post. I forgot all about this one.

You need to either create the macros one at a time or find somebody that’s done the work on the newest version of GSE.

In wow you type /gse to open the window. I made a simple macro and keep it on my action bar.

Then you click on the button “Import” and paste the macro code into the window. Make sure the box is checked to create macro icon.

BTW - Having AHK spam 3 keys at once is what Blizzard calls “botting”. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Bots, Botting and the thin grey line.

Yeah, fully aware of their policy. Don’t care.
If it’s AHK or a programmable keyboard or mouse- they wont be able to police it.