MW (One Button) Stance Dancing

I haven’t tested this yet due to weekly server downtime, but this is a modified version of a stance dancing macro I am already using. This requires 2 macros to perform and I recommend adding them to the same slot on each stance’s actionbar. You can also use keybinding, if you prefer, but it would require much more attention to your actions.

In Serpent Stance…
/cast [stance:2]stance of the wise serpent
/castsequence [help][nochanneling]renewing mist,expel harm,uplift
/castsequence [help][nochanneling]soothing mist
/castsequence [help]surging mist
/cast [help][nochanneling]!life cocoon
/castsequence [harm]reset=3 renewing mist,expel harm,uplift,stance of the spirited crane

(You can remove line #1 if you have the macro on the actionbar)

In Crane Stance…
/cast [stance:1]stance of the spirited crane
/cast [help]stance of the wise serpent
/castsequence reset=3 chi wave,jab,rising sun kick,jab,blackout kick,jab,tiger palm,paralysis,stance of the wise serpent
/castsequence reset=45 leg sweep,thunder focus tea
/cast !touch of death
/use 13
/use 14

(Once again, you can take out line #1 if necessary)

I think the great point is you can break out of the chain and switch to priority healing mode by simply targeting a friendly and then back again after targeting an enemy.

I will do testing tonight, but if anyone can get on before that and give some feedback…thanks in advance.

So…the friendly healing portion of the first macro is not working correctly so I have moved it to another macro for the time being. Here is an updated version…

    Serpent Stance

/cast [stance:2]stance of the wise serpent
/castsequence reset=3 renewing mist,expel harm,paralysis,uplift,stance of the spirited crane
/castsequence reset=45 leg sweep,thunder focus tea

    Crane Stance
/cast [stance:1]stance of the spirited crane /cast [help]stance of the wise serpent /castsequence reset=3 jab,chi wave,rising sun kick,jab,jab,blackout kick,jab,tiger palm,stance of the wise serpent /cast !touch of death /startattack /use 13 /use 14

You can add in Spinning Crane Kick, Rushing Jade Wind or Crackling Jade lighting if your mana regen is still good or if your haste reduces the whole cycle to less than the 15second cooldown of Chi Wave and Expel Harm.