MWs: GSE, the Dumpster, and You

Some of you are having issues with this macro and mana. It needs to be said that I wrote it for quick and smooth target switching to apply Soothing Mist onto the new target; I did not write this macro for mana conservation, but even that can be gleaned too during combat (more on that momentarily).

With this macro (and any other healing macro), less is more. Less grip O’death on your spam key = more Soothing Mist channeling. More SM channels = more mana for you during the times that you need it.

So, if you are mashing your spam button like a patient at a proctologist with long hangnails, then…there’s your OOM problem right there; you can’t be a pillow-biter and roll with this macro.

Those of you who are doing this, you simply are not allowing your mana to regen during the times that you are able to by just letting Soothing Mist channel. Relax, you are supposed to be master of Zen; of inner peace and serenity, so breathe and let the Force be with you. Make Yoda proud.

Or was that Kermit? You know, they kinda look the same…

At 80% or more of your target’s HP, you should just want to “kiss” your target with a Soothing Mist channel; your statue and the SM channel itself can work wonders. If there is more incoming damage you can THEN “prime the pump” for more heals going out.

Because you were a smart puppy, you casted only when needed and channeled Soothing Mist when you could; you now have mana to spare for the extra incoming damage.

Having said that, and in light of the GCD, this macro will still occasionally hard cast Vivs and/or EMs. There is nothing that I can think of around this issue. Like a bad lawyer, I am all out of creative ideas to solve Blizz’s Ancient Mistweaver Arts problem that it dropped in our laps this expac.

Even so, I hope this FYI tut helps you all in successfully playing your MWs this bloody, garbo, fail, uh, interesting expac.

Updated 09/27/18

Note the talent changes:

-Keep Mist Wrap; anything else will break the Soothing Mist channel and you will have more hard casts.
-Can take Rising Mist instead of Focused Thunder if you play more of a kickweaving style
-Suggest you take Statue instead of the BIG CHICKEN so you do not OOM too fast.
-EF is no longer in the macro; put it on a separate keybind and use as needed.

*PVP Talents: WotC and whatever else works for you
*If you lose sound while running this macro, make sure that “Prevent Sound Errors” box is unchecked in GSE>Options>General>Gameplay Options
*Mod + Shift = Transcendence
*Mod + Alt = Revival

Let me know how it works out for you.

End of Updates

My ghetto-ass macro for what used to be an awesome/fun spec to play before Blizz made AMA baseline (screws with the timing of the rotation). It is about as smooth as I can get it (impossible to get it perfect because of the constant target switching + the AMA aspect of MW casts).

Aggravating to a perfectionist.

Because Blizz has a penchant for deleting the fun in any given class at any time, I won’t be rolling a MW until they fix Soothing Mists and add some mobility back to the spec, but perhaps somebody will use it for leveling/tooling around in PVP.

As for talents: use those that are numbered in the macro.

Good luck,

–John Q.


The fight/Way of the Crane portion of the macro:


Any chance you could give this another try John Q? I hear Mistweaver is crazy good right now.

I second this.

Q, I know that most of your macros are intended with the purpose of PVP in mind, but Mist is extremely strong right now.

Healing Mythic Taloc, manually, at 16K. Would be nice to see something competitive.

Id love to see a PvP version of this myself.

Been using this for m+ typically 12-13’s because mistweaver is so strong right now.

Doing about 23-27K HPS. Still does alright, although it’s not optimized, only downside is it OOM’s fast as hell.

Wish you’d update this :’(


Does the fight portion still need crane?


12-13s with this macro? Never! How are u playging with it to get 12-12 keys to work?

[quote quote=65964]Been using this for m+ typically 12-13’s because mistweaver is so strong right now.
Doing about 23-27K HPS. Still does alright, although it’s not optimized, only downside is it OOM’s fast as hell.
Wish you’d update this :'([/quote]

RiO suggest other info then you say, your WW game seams excellent tho.


You are not in-game here; knock that juvenile crap off. WTF has time going around to armory people randomly encountered on a fansite? Don’t be that brat.

F’n grow up.

[quote quote=66026]

Abby wrote:
Been using this for m+ typically 12-13’s because mistweaver is so strong right now. Doing about 23-27K HPS. Still does alright, although it’s not optimized, only downside is it OOM’s fast as hell. Wish you’d update this :cry: RiO suggest other info then you say, your WW game seams excellent tho.[/quote]

I play two monks. NA and EU.

[quote quote=66028]

Nikkj wrote:
Been using this for m+ typically 12-13’s because mistweaver is so strong right now. Doing about 23-27K HPS. Still does alright, although it’s not optimized, only downside is it OOM’s fast as hell. Wish you’d update this :cry: RiO suggest other info then you say, your WW game seams excellent tho.
I play two monks. NA and EU.[/quote]

Ah. impressive you have that amount of time! I envy you.

Thanks for update ive got an abandoned 120 brew which I will change to mist and give it a go. What speed u running it at? And I presume first macro is healing and the second DPS?

i have the feeling, that the macro sometimes just casts EM like 3 times on the target.
@Abby , which ms should i run this?

I use 60-80ms while pressed.

Completed a 13 FH in 34 minutes using the updated version. Still OOM’s almost every pull, requiring you to eat momentarily, but maintains 20K HPS @ 373ilvl. Peaked 34K.

Most important thing when using healer macros, as most people expect them to work similar to an actual script with built-in logic, is that they’re not a script and they don’t contain logic. You still need to know mechanics and preemptively cast when heavy damage is coming out. As long as you’re out-gearing the key you’re running, you should never have a problem with a well-built macro.


I love this macro, it makes healing so much easier. As you said, if your taking it easy on the spam button, you can manage mana very well.

I was curious if there is an AoE version, or if there is some tweeking you suggest for an AoE? Currently I am relying on RM spreading to other players or EF or Rivival. I am a newb at this, so if I am not being efficient at this, that is why.

Also, this macro works well for dungeon healing, how does it hold up with raid healing? I have not heard anyone comment on that in this thread. I am going to start raiding soon on this toon and was curious.

@Paul Thanks for your feedback; I am glad that you like the macro.

To answer your question, there is not an AoE version. I had EF in there, but it turned out to be too much of a mana pig; casting when I did not need it. The only AoE-ish spell is already in the macro (Vivify).

RMs are fine too, but they too have a CD; so it helps if you only look at the HP of your target & not your HoTs on it/them. To this day, I could not readily tell you in the heat of combat if the tank that I am healing has RM on him/her or not.

So you already have the right idea: cast EFs/bubbles/Renew as needed and working alongside the macro. :wink:

As for how the macro does in raids, I think it does quite well. I loathe raiding, but I still LFR’d to test the macro and consistently was at–or near the top–of the meters…even with subpar gear.

Hope that helps.

–John Q.

I plan to try your MW macro and am sorry for the off topic question…

Abby…do you use a macro for your WW spec and if so would you terribly mind PM’ing me a link to it. I’ve switched to my monk as my main and I am trying to be efficient with all my specs. Right now WW is the one I struggle with. I’m able to hold my own with MW using Healbot but getting the numbers you stated you are getting would be an improvement.

John Q. thanks for your efforts. I very much appreciate it!

Will this work on low level say 20-120 just spamming dungeons, I’ve always wanted to try a monk healer.