my ahk stuff

Hey All, sharing a few little ahk functions i wrote maybe useful to some of you guys.

you can use SpamKey(…) to auto fire any key you want or key sequence, works as long as you hold down the key

sends key 1 as long as you hold key 1 down

sends key sequence 2 1 as long you hold 2 down

SpamKey2 you press once and it can fire a sequence of key or it can fire just 1 key indefinitely until you breakout of it.
Breakout is configured for hitting the Escape key to stop auto firing.

This code starts auto firing the 1 key when you hold down right mbutton then click left mbutton

~RButton & LButton::
    SpamKey2("1", "LButton")

I can’t get the code paste to work for the whole file so i’m just dumping everything i have on github, lot of old junk and redundancies.

Here is the file specifically i’m using now.

Here is all my old various stuff: