My current UI Layouts

So this is still a WIP at the moment but thought i would share my layout for now that i am still working on and how it’s set up.

This was my old setup using ElvUI but i find that it was too cluttered and too dark at times for me.

Old Layout

I have since stopped using ElvUI and started building up my own with a mix of Bartender 4, Vuhdo and WeakAuras

I have used Bartender to remove all art and also to fade some buttons from the screen so it’s not cluttering it up.

This is my Mistweaver which is very basic, nothing is showing yet but just under the unitframe you can just see where i have some healing cooldown action bars
Top left hidden until mouseover is my menu and bags bar.
Top middle i have movement skills hidden from view, this will be mounts or hearthstones. To the right of that is where i hide 3 of my macro buttons. This is where i keep my GSE attack macros if i fistweave.

The little raid unit under my name is Vuhdo and it’s where i do all my healing, you will see no healing action bars as it’s all done with clicks through Vuhdo. This is still a WIP so it’s bare.

Mistweaver Layout.

This is my tanking layout for Brewmaster:

Much the same as above but it’s using Weakauras to track my brews and some attacks and cooldowns.


and finally this is my most developed healing layout. This is using Resto shaman and is a mix of all.
The big white/blue box is never shown but it was the only way i could show how the “raid” setting looks and top 5 columns are if i am in a party.

Again all healing is done through Vuhdo by clicking the raid unit bars. Weakauras track my mana and healing cooldowns.

Resto Shaman

Healing cooldown action bar on the left barely visible, these are my placement skills like totems.
Right hand side is anything i can do to debuff mobs or hostile totems.

I love ElvUI, but sometimes I miss Carbonite Map. I got it to work sometimes but half of the time ended up breaking again or had to disable it to get something else. So got rid of it and put Mapster for now.

Went back to the drawing board on my UI after i lost interest in the previous one.

I initially went back to Preach UI using ElvUI but after a time i got bored with it.

So as i have changed Alts again to my Mage once more, i thought i would freshing up my UI yet again.

This is still work in progress but i am aiming to use more Weak Auras for some of my functionality.
I did intend to use Shadowed Unit Frames again but i felt it was too much hassle so looked at replacing the frames with WAs and it seems to work out pretty well.
Thanks to MysticalNyte on a different post for showing me something i could use for my frost mage.

It’s still a work in progress but i am going to try do something like this for all my chars and have different looking layouts for each to keep it more fresh.

Unit Frames/Health and Cast Bars are also all WA’s.

This is currently how it’s looking in action.

How do you handle different classes using different key press speeds for the macros?

I have multiple alts with the R key being the main macro key, I’m just using my finger and spamming it at this stage but would like to automate the speed depending on what the macro author recommends but am not sure how to do this, any recommendations?

class 1 needs the R key pressed every .8ms
class 2 needs the R key pressed every .6ms

Are you talking about in the case of multiboxing or just separate characters in general?

Seperate characters

I have Cym’s AutoHotKey Config and it had a variable at the top of the script for the delay that you would change as you changed character.

Completely Unrelated I just swapped back from RealUI to ElvUI. I’m still not happy with my UI but cant quite get something I want setup correctly.

Thought i would go ahead and share a clip revamp of my mage WA’s this time for fire mage :slight_smile:

would advise you to start with trufigcd, so you see what is being casted.

As your macro spams so friggin fast, you can have animations all you like

about what u need to fire by hand when procs, but with a 0.020 you can push

whatever button you like, but you will most likely be to late

also , i see so many people make clips and still fire off by hand.

a 12 button mouse makes all so easy, manage your macro and procs in one hand.

Why would I want to use another addon to see if I had actually use a spell or not when the game already tells me?

The point of this is not the macro but the UI itself, thats why its not in the macro section of the forums.

Its a weakaura UI and it handles most of everything I need, tells me when procs happens and what button in the macro I’d need to use. The proc indicators would stay there until the proc is consumed in the cast or the timer for Hot Streak runs out, so why would I be too late when I have 12s to eat the proc?

Its a UI showcase, not a macro showcase