My CymFu is... getting there (Removed)


Do you use AHK?

Cym, that delay you use?

when you say slow, do you mean pick nose hit key pick nose slow ; )

[quote quote=36756]when you say slow, do you mean pick nose hit key pick nose slow ; )


Yes I use AHK and it’s set as a key delay to 1560 closer to 1650. Never a need for WW to go faster

WW Monks are GCD locked so you’re not using anything in between skills.

If you see my skill bar at the bottom it’s casting fluidly at the end of each GCD.
I stop holding down during FoF and if you use the timings you can see when it’s next up as the icon changes before it fires.

I have stopped using AHK for this and now only push my macro button.
For the time playing i forgot i could keybind my action buttons to other keys.

Means when the macro has skills on cooldown after it resets, i can just skip past those quick enough per key press to get to the heart of the rotation.

Just need to press the key at the end of every skill cycle.
Works better for me than AHK did.

Will update this again but this is how it’s currently performing.

This was a run in Eye of Azshara just now @108 so far.

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This is how the current macro is performing.
This was a run from Eye of Azshara @108

Will be doing another update to the macro soon, possibly if i start using Serenity.