My Frost AIO macro - Feedback always welcomed

Hi everyone,

I’m actually really new to GSE but I’ve watched a ton of videos and have read almost every post here on how to use GSE. I put together an AIO macro based on the Frost AOE rotation. I have a ST and AOE macro as well, but I thought this would be a more appropriate start. Let me know what you think. :smiley:

Change Log: Talents updated. AIO tested for use with both Time Anomaly and Temporal warp. Only other adjustable talent is Wintertide for Snow Storm.

I would recommend having a Weakaura to track Icy Veins, Rune of Power, and Blood Lust/ Heroism to avoid wasting RoP drops and best use of Temporal Warp.





This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.27.

Usage Information

This AIO rotation is viable for AOE. Use CTRL key to use the AOE finishing combo of CoC, IN, SP. You can adjust talents to remove Wintertide and replace with Snowstorm for the finisher.

Shift = Ice Lance: This was put as a variable because you should only cast Ice Lance when the condition of 1) target is frozen or 2) You have Fingers of Frost proc

Ctrl = Cone of Cold, Ice Nova, Shifting Power: The cast sequence is added to allow on demand use of supporting AOE talents. Frost Nova is not included because it is more of an on-demand defensive ability rather than a damaging ability. Make sure you are only using this when you have 30 stacks of Snowstorm (if talented) to maximize DPS.

Alt = Rune of Power: This should be used on CD. I wanted to make it part of the core group but I couldn’t get the timing correct.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.24.

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Here’s a video of me using the macro on some target dummies.

can’t import talent and mecro… check it plz

how the hell you get the button push to run that fast

hes running it at like 50ms or something

you have a macro for a single target of G.S,E

hi there sorry to ask stupid questions, but do you need to be level 70 for this to work as i tried to make this macro and all im getting is the code in game chat in white. I’m new to all this macro stuff

This is a nice macro, gave me around 60-68k dps @ ilvl 388. My gear has been arcane specced though so could push this higher. Do you play Arcane at all because it is very strong spec atm.

[Dragonflight Mythic+ DPS Log Rangkings for Season 1: Week 3 - News - Icy Veins]

Good job mate

You need to use GSE: Advanced Macro Compiler. Its an addon for warcraft. You can find it at There are a number of tutorials. Basically install addon, import the code and place the new shortcut on your action bar

I’ll provide an update soon. There has been a few changes to Frost talents so I will need to update and retest. I’ve been pretty busy at work so I haven’t had a lot of time to do so. I’ll provide an update soon though.

I use a Logitech MMO mouse with GHub. I created a macro on GHub to press buttton 1 on repeat while I am holding the button down with a ms of 250 between key press and key release.

This is the talent setup.

For use with Time Anomaly (people who forget to use Temporal warp or fights where Hero/Lust is not used on pull)


For use with Time Anomaly


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Here is my ST macro





This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.27.

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Correction, it was 100ms. I changed it to 250 and it clicks slower now.

Yes, this was designed for L70. I was considering working on a “leveling” version but I don’t want to commit the time if there is no interest.

I trying to learn Arcane at the moment. I switched from Balance Druid to Mage just this xpac, so I’m still learning :slight_smile:

Im currently using Izzi’s Arcane macro which Timothy tweaked and it works very well. I was thinking of tweaking it further or even making a copy of it and have 2 buttons, one for the burn phase that pops all my cd’s and one for conserve phase. I am going to remove Arcane orb from the conserve phase aswell because some DF dungeons have so many tightly packed mobs that in order to not pull other mobs im having to constantly reposition myself thus costing dps. I’m a macro noob myself so I have to learn as i tweak.

Edit. And btw, welcome to the Mage club :smiley:

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you mentioned you have a Arcane Macro that you tweaked, by chance can you send it to me or link it, would love to get in to Arcane. If you made 2 macros, hows that working for you?

Love to hear as well.

Can you you show us the talents that you are using?