My Macro wont reset out of Combat

I have tried all the Reset CheckBoxes. i tried it on the yellow checkmark the gray checkmark and no check mark… and my macro never resets when i am out of combat. How can i fix this?

I don’t know if this is an actual bug, but I have at least found a workaround as it was happening to myself and a friend as well.

  1. Leave “Reset macro when out of combat” in the “General” section checked as it should be.
  2. Go into “Macro Reset” and check the “Left Alt Key” box.
  3. Hit “Update Macro Stubs” at the top, close out of GSE.
  4. Find something you can fight, press Left Alt, beat it up, get out of combat.

When done, that has made the macro go back to resetting out of combat as it should for me and my friend.

Hope this helps!

My go-to would be delete the GS folders from Addons and start with a fresh install. This is a very rare occurrence and might take too long to weed out the actual issue.