My One button Fishing Macro

Hey I wanted to Share My Fishing Macro. Just Make Sure that you put the name of your bait, and fishing pole in the macro, Also Shift Modifier on it if you have more than 1 bait.

I Personally Have a 1 button macro, that has my weapon re Equip at the first press, I recommend you have some macro, to reequip Your Weapon, like a:

/equip ‘weapon name here’
/cast Frost Nova

Or whatever class your using. Without further ado

#showtooltip fishing
/equip Your Fishing Pole Here;
/use [mod:shift] Your Bait Here 1; [nomod] Your Bait Here 2
/use 16
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast fishing

Enjoy. LMK what you think