My Prot Warrior macro 6.0.2

Hi please check out my Prot warrior macros, let me know if they work for you, ive tested them in raids and the work well.

Single Target:

/castsequence reset=5 Devastate,Shield Slam,Revenge,Devastate,Shield Slam,Devastate
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Bloodbath
/cast Arcane Torrent
/cast Shield Block
/cast Impending Victory
/cast Execute

AOE: (Run this one with the single target macro when you are on multiple mobs.)

/castsequence Thunder Clap
/cast Shockwave

Shield Barrier+: (Use when taking heavy damage)

/castsequence Shield Barrier
/cast Shield Wall
/cast Demoralizing Shout

Last Stand+:(O shit button)

/cast [combat] Last Stand
/cast [combat] Rallying Cry
/cast [combat] Life Spirit
/use Healthstone
/use Master Healing Potion
/use Greater Healing Potion

Vigilance: (To be cast on your focus, normally your fellow tank in raids)

/cast [target=focus] Vigilance

Thats it hope it helps.

Can you explain what cast sequence is used for? Say i take an ability out such as arcane torrent or bloodbath or something like that, will it affect the macro?

EDIT Sorry lol, im a noob :frowning: