My prot warrior macro

Sorry in advance, new to posting these and making them. Wife spilt shit on my keyboard earlier and struggling to type this. I came up with this a few weeks ago around the release for ATB and have been running it off and on. I got the idea of it from the 2 piece sets from ATB (t21) and ToS (t20). The idea behind it is to constanly have your rage up or about to be up. I run with a Razor Naga at .075 usually. and my NPS is usually around 200-700 NPS. I do have videos i will be posting to my twich and youtube of this buiid soloing mythic & mythic plus.

Talents are as follows:

The concept for talents are pertaining to the fight you are on. For example Shockwave would be ideal for eronar. Warbringer for PK. The tier one talents has a lot of play with the build.
T2 talents could have victory in the rotation, but i had issues at time with it glitching out at times.
t3 tallents, Fury is the only viable one with this build. i will explain later one because of the leggos you are running.
t4, warlord or crackeling thunder are good for the build, thunder will help reset the CD of shield slam, on the other hand warlord helps with healing and NPS more with certain leggos.
t5, devistator paired with warlords is great. On the other hand if you prefer thunder go indomidable. the HP increase will help you.
t6, vengance im my honest opinion is the only viable talent, i have tried others, but the leggos pair nicely
t7, anger management… this is the only option with this build. the reason i say this is you are constantly getting rage and lowering the cd of abilities.

T20 and T21 sets, for early raiding this build it great with a 4 peice from ToS, if you get 2 piece early on from ATB, run both. i run Helm and chest from ToS and back/ pants from ATB. The sets pair extremely well. I found that the leggos to best run with this were walls (ring) and gloves (stormscale) for dps boost. leggos for NPS and survivability are manoroths (wrist) and arch (trinket) if you do not have either one of these run the crafted belt and battlelords ring.

My toon is on the following link. this is once agaain something i cam up with randomly and tried to create on my own. Hope it works will for all

/cast Heroic Throw
/cast Intercept
/castsequence Revenge, Ignore Pain
/cast [combat] Thunder Clap
/cast Ignore Pain
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Devastate
/cast !Shield Block
/cast Victory Rush
/cast [combat] Shield Slam
/cast [combat] Battle Cry
/cast [combat] Demoralizing Shout