Mythic+ Prot for Mythic+ - v.3.6 (UPDATED 02/15/23)

The revenge gets cast several times per minute, but not spammed so as to ensure rage exists for Ignore Pain and Shield Block, which are your two main mitigation buffs to keep up. Revenge applies some nice debuffs and has decent damage, but shouldn’t be constantly spammed as it does cost 20 rage that may be used for critical mitigation skills. As you can see from the chart below, Revenge casts consistently while still maintaining the important survival tools you’ll need in Mythic+/Raid. Sometimes Revenge will cast for free during the Revenge! aura window, other times it may not. You can bind revenge to another key and use the weakaura I included to see when the Revenge! aura is up and manually proc a hit for free also.

Bouderfist for a minute:


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Once again. One minute is not nearly enough time to know how a macro performs…

This is where I’m at so far with Arms PvP. Please test it out and let me know what you think.

Arms PvP 1.0 Beta


Usage Information

Ctrl: Wrecking Throw
Shift: Pummel
Alt: War Stomp

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.22.


Checked out the Arms macro and seems like overpower wasn’t firing off as often as it should have. Let me know when you officially move this to the Arms tab so I can follow any updates.

Absolutely. Thank you.

I’ve uploaded the first version I’m comfortable with. I was successful in several 2v2, 3v3s and BGs with it, but I’m sure it could use some tweaking yet still.

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Thanks so much for the Arms macro I’ll test it out later today and give feedback.

how is the damage and uptime of thigns? warrior is more on offensive

Do you have a single target raid macro?

Can you share some logs or some dmg pics? Can this be used for single target?

@Orbalisk can this be for single target in raids as wel?

Yes. I only have on macro for PvE content.

How is the performance on single target? @Orbalisk

Macro is amazing. But i find revenge is still just too iffy to use auto cause you need that rage specially when doing 15s which i have been doing this week. I put revenge and shield slam both on modifiers for procs and also find demo shout isnt used enough at all. That generates 30 rage and also reduces your damage taken. Any suggestion on getting it to fire off more?. Im just being specific but this macro is amazing overall thank you again

what version do you use?

Latest one. Always just use most updated they post

I designed it to be lazy enough to work for most content. If you need more control, I have the 2nd one that will not auto-fire Revenge. Have you tried that one? I can modify it some if you’re seeing an issue in higher Keys. I haven’t been able to run keys much yet this week and have been focusing on PvP instead.

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Only thing i would adjust is how often demo shout is used. I already modified it for the manual revenge procs. Like it said awesome macro just looking at small tweeks

Cleared a 7 life pools with this macro. its not letting me down !

I have modified it to fire those off better. Please help test and let me know. I’ll be able to spend more time this weekend tweaking.

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