Mythic+ Prot for Mythic+ - v.3.6 (UPDATED 02/15/23)

What talent are you running? and what MS you using? if i may ask. Thanky ou


Talents and MS 100

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Works great but cant get the mods to work. ALT works but shift and ctrl dont. ant idea why not?

What dps are you getting guys as single target? I cant pass 26-28K.

if i remove the shield charge in the macro, is there gonna be a delay or a problem with whole sequence? i notice bec. if the shield is there im doing 31k-32k single target on boss dummy. but without it only 27-28k. is there anyway to just remove shield charge in the macro and manually cast it?

Scroll few posts up as I did remove it as need it to cast manually.

did you change castsequence to cast as well bro?

Yes I did. Otherwise would not work properly. I still get low dps anyway.

Hello, i have tried and just cant figure out how to get Revenge to be used more for bosses fights. aoe my damage is good but boss fights i am doing 25-30k dps for 22+ keys. most people complain saying most tanks do way more damage. I have taken shield charge and impending victory out of the macro due to needing it for situational times. If you could help me that would be great :smiley: thank you!


do you have revenge as a separate keybind on your action bar? sometimes GSE skips over a free revenge proc and let it sit there for a while due to the fact the macro is sequencial not priority based. same thing with Shield slam. plus youre running scale trinket and totem of the master right? both decent trinkets but if you get your hands on a wetstone for example your damage will skyrocket

I used 3.6 macro… it appears that it kept spamming a toy heartbreaker… I removed that out of macro but somehow it kept spamming instead to say —toys— in /say. I went back to 3.4 instead. maybe can you fix that toy to get it out of macro? :slight_smile:

think its also in the variables somewhere got to delete that one as well

yeah thats where toy was in. I removed that. it still spams no matter what. so Id wait for Orbalisk to fix 3.6 macro to remove that toy completely. I still have 3.4 so I use that instead since its still great macro for both raid and M+ at least.

Hey! Sorry, I use all of the macros I make and forget to sometimes remove my personal additions. I’m reuploading it now without the toys. Reimport and overwrite the existing 3.6 :slight_smile:

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I just changed mine to pop Prismatic Bauble, so the team likes it!

I use that with this:

/cast Divine Steed
/use Prismatic bauble


What speed in MS is everyone running this at?

I tried both at 25 ms and 100. The difference is not significant at all. !00 ms is recommended by the Author

Hello, i haven’t played in a while, may i ask if this is still viable on 10.0.7? Thank you