Necro Affliction (Updated)

Alright yall I need some feed back on this Necro afflock macro. I’m not really geared and I’m running no leggo yet. So I’ve been testing this macro on a raider’s training dummy.


Updated OP added a PvP version.

ok, so on a 255 / 4 tier / 2 leggo lock / Felhunter pet. both Dungeon dummy and Raid Dummy at about 2.5k. starts off strong at about 5.5k, but over time the dps goes down. not sure what demon your using? if i am using wrong one for your macro, let me know.

Thank you for the feed back I’m continuing to work on this so hopefully I can get it right. I dont use a pet.

aahhh ok. well keep it up. i look forward to testing it more

Updated OP with some changes that are working good for me and a couple of friends. I’m currently using 2 leggos Malefic Wrath and Unity of course. My current Ilvl is 286 ilvl PvP geared. Give it a go and hope it work as well for you as it does me and my friends.

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Hi Diesel,

I’m 289 geared with 4 piece set. I’m having an issue where the macro gets hung up on shadow bolt (I don’t like drain soul). My DPS is varying at around 8 to 9k over time, which is about 3k less than my Demonology. I’m also not getting enough MR casts and am often stacked with shards. I hate MR, I wish it would go away and we get something better.

Hi Mukester,

First thank you for trying the macro. This is a necrolord shadow Bolt so casting a bunch of shadow Bolts is what it should be doing. Are you running the same talents as the macro??? I know when I get 3-4 shards Rapid Contagion should be using them.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll mess around with it again. Affliction is my favorite spec, but not in it’s current form. I just miss having powerful dots, vs. MR and burst.

I forgot to ask, how many MS are you running this at?

Unfortunately I don’t know because I use a joystick to play and the program I use goes by button clicks. But I do have those that set between 4-6 button clicks per gcd. I agree with you I’d rather more powerful dots as well.

Very cool that you use a joystick. It’s a pretty solid Macro that probably gets the most out of Affliction that we can get. Thanks for the tips and information.

Anytime! Hope it works out for you

what macro do you use for demonology ser? @nukester

Hi Boomie,

I use :japanese_ogre: Vinimagnus Demon Master 9.2 - (3/1/22) - Warlock / Demonology - WoW Lazy Macros