Necrolord macro to NPC for Fodder of the Flame

Hi All,

The Necrolord Covenant rework looks interesting and does decent dmg on the PTR. I was wondering if it was possible to macro the Throw Glaive to hit those adds if present, at if not hit my target. Is such a thing possible?

Something like this would probably work:

/cast [exists,harm,nodead,target=badmobname] Throw Glaive

Thanks Phil. I think there’s 4 or so mobs that can spawn with this. I can just run lines right? Like:

/cast [exists,harm,nodead,target=badmobname1] Throw Glaive
/cast [exists,harm,nodead,target=badmobname2] Throw Glaive

etc? Won’t cause too much lag?

Like this will do it on one line and cause least delay as you are only checking it on one line not two
/cast [exists,harm,nodead,target=badmobname1][exists,harm,nodead,target=badmobname2] Throw Glaive