Need a Dire Frenzy base macro

Lately more and more people showing up with Dire Frenzy making more than Dire Beast
is there any up to date one button macro for it?

I have 4xT21
Call of The Wild
Convergence of Fates

stats are
crit 36.59%
haste 30.79%
mastery 52.15%
Versa 5%

Gweens BM macro works fine for Dire Frenzy builds also as dire frenzy replaces dire beast and the cast sequence is the same. You can also go back to gweens 7.2.5 macro which is more optimized with a mod ctrl for burn key.

so i use that macro and replace Dire beast with Dire Frenzy?

yes the above macros that gween credited will cast Dire Frenzy.

Dire Frenzy and Dire Beast are the same spells in the macro…if you read the talent it just replaces the dire beast spell with dire frenzy. Although gween doesn’t recommend using Dire Frenzy, he does even state in his forum post that it would still work. And I have tested that it does still in fact work.

you have way to much crit for the frenzy build if i was you go with stomp build
Call of The Wild
Convergence of Fates

still runs good with the stomp build

if you go frenzy build you will have to change your stats to mastery haste crit

and the moment you are crit mastery haste

Ye I can change equip just to try

Anyway what about Gween macro + ahk?
what’s the best delay for it?

[quote quote=57946]Ye I can change equip just to try
Anyway what about Gween macro + ahk? what’s the best delay for it?[/quote]

I run Gween BM macro at 98ms andit seems to run fine, I have been playing with the AOTB macro also lately and that runs better at 150ms then at 100ms and 125ms as gween also states and confirms in the post. AHK settings are hit and miss with some people due to high latency also. But I would try around 100ms at first if you have a high latency then I would lower it by 10ms at a time and see if it works any better on a target dummy. If you have low latency you might try increasing it slightly by 5ms or 10ms at a time and see if it performs better for you.

But at 24ms latency to the server I play on 98ms seems to be doing well for me. on a server that I have a 48ms latency to that I play on some of the time I found 98ms also works well I tried tweeking it a bit but didn’t see any big differences. Now when I try and play on Oceanic servers at 100ms + latency then I lower the ahk by 15ms to try and compensate, you don’t want to lower it too much though or you will get disconnected from wow for the overload of commands.

I run a Marksman macro also occassionally and that AHK is set at 55ms which is the lowest I would ever recommend on any ahk. But with Gweens macros he has a pet attack command setup also so you can not go that low on the macros or the pets can bug out/crash wow. So I would definitely keep it above 80ms for that specific reason, and as the BM macro is more about completing the rotation and using the extra cobra shots in succession at the end it don’t think you would benefit much from having anything faster anyways and sometimes with BM macros as gween has proved especially with the AOTB rotation slower is actually more efficient and better.

hope this helps.

can you link me the aotb macro?
I usually go by q’pla and sephu ring regardless cause of the huge boost in stats

It is the 3rd macro…and as it will work with sephuz, I find it actually works better for me with Apex and having my pets spec’d as tanks for the extra thunderstomp damage and charge ability…and having all the other passives due to AOTB and the ring…but I also switch out the ring for some fights in mythic raiding and in M+ for Prydaz and wear the boots and prydaz for survivability in those situations. But I find Apex a much better and easier choice to use that does more over all damage in 99% of the time then using sephuz in AOTB build as a hunter.

The 4th macro is AOTB with no mods build, and the 5th/6th macro is AOTB with no boots which I do not recommend as Gweens Basic BM macros perform better if you are not using the boots in my experience, especially if you have a high t21 4p and are still using decent t20 2p and have a 930+ CoF trinket to boot. Gweens BM with the chest/bracers legendary and a 930 sockets CoF is awesome and for burst single target fights (even using stomp) is hard to beat. but for over all consistent damage I find that the AOTB macro with mods and the boots/apex or boots/prydaz combo(for Mythic raids/high M+ for survivability) does work really well.

Sadly my convergence of fates is only 910 without socket.
Currently I go by this setup

4 t21 pieces (Head 960,shoulders 950,hands 955 and legs 950)
2 t20 pieces (Chest 950 and back 935)

Rings Zelous Tormentor’s Ring (1400crit 2100 haste) ilvl 930 and sephuz (3800crit and 1800haste)

Trinkets Golganet ilvl 1000 which is pretty standard for me on almost everyboss beside Eonar mythic
and then Prototype Personell Decimator or Shadow Singed Fang both 960

with Q’pla boots or Prydaz depending on the fight

What setup do you suggest?

Recently i used this setup with this AHK script

if not GetKeyState(“q”, “P”)
Send q
sleep 18

but more ofen than not I needed to use KC manually cause else with the macro and ahk I was missing too many KC

and usually use Tater macro

Sequences[‘TaterBeast’] = {
– This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.03.
Talents = “2111112”,
MacroVersions = {
[1] = {
StepFunction = “Priority”,
“/targetenemy [noharm][dead]”,
“/cast [combat] Bestial Wrath”,
“/cast [combat] Blood Fury”,
“/cast [combat] Titan’s Thunder”,
“/cast [combat] Aspect of the Wild”,
“/cast [nopet,nodead] Call Pet 3; [@pet,dead] Heart of the Phoenix”,
“/cast [combat,pet:Spirit Beast,@player] Spirit Mend”,
“/cast [combat,pet,@player] Roar of Sacrifice”,
“/cast !Volley”,
“/cast Cobra Shot”,
“/cast Dire Beast”,
“/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=combat/reset Kill Command, Cobra Shot”,
“/cast A Murder of Crows”,
“/cast Cobra Shot”,

with this setup, this macro and with ahk at 98delay
without pre-pot or pot later on after 300m dmg I’m at 1.9m dps
Flask,rune and mastery food
stats : 44.86 crit, 30.54 haste, 51.41 mastery and 2% versa

Item level 964

What do you suggest?

can you sum which macro and leggendary items I should use and which talents?
I’ll try them up at the lodge and see

with 18delay I get 1.87m
My latency ingame is 38 but usually between 24 and 38