Need a little basic advice to create my own macros

Hello Fellow Players!

First of all I want to say thank you if you do decide to read and try to help out. It means a lot to me. I am very new to GSE, and have spent some time tinkering around and have figured some stuff out, but am having a few issues(?) or questions. I was looking around YouTube and it seems most videos about creating macros are dated to the addon and when I have read a bit on these forums it seems to give me more questions than answers :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit of background with what I am trying to create; a macro to help with rotation for my BM hunter. I want it to work strictly on a set priority of spells. I really want to be able to create my own macros and not have to ask or bother anyone else. So far I’m leveling this hunter and she is level 31. The first macro I tried to create, and did so somewhat successfully is to:

/cast Kill Shot
/cast Kill Command
/cast Cobra Shot

In a strict priority; If kill shot is available it is highest priority, kill command is second in priority, and cobra follows when I can’t use either of the above. Pretty simple but for now that is all I want.

So I created a macro

Under the “1” tab next to the “configuration” tab I created a “Loop Block,” and changed the Step Function to Priority List. (I’m not sure if this is correct but it seems to somewhat work? Maybe this is where I’ve gone wrong) Block path is set to 1. Repeat is set to 1. Within the loop I have 3 blocks, one for each spell. I have one block for Kill Shot 1.1, one for Kill Command 1.2, and one for Cobra Shot 1.3. I’m sure that I probably didn’t get this all correct my first attempt and something here is causing my problems, or maybe I am just assuming this addon can do things it can’t? I have put a link to the macro I exported from game at the bottom of the post.

My Issues

It doesn’t seem to cast a spell every key press, as in I seem to need to spam the keybind. If I do spam the key bind very quickly it works about correct, but I’m worried I will now develop carpal tunnel :stuck_out_tongue:

So here we go my questions --(forgive me if I am totally off base or sound completely ignorant)

 1. Is there a way to have it cast a spell every keystroke right on GCD refresh sticking to the predefined priority? 

 2. Or, is having to mash the skill quickly required?

 3. Do I need to change or work with the Talents field on the configuration tab? My macro doesn't interact with talents so I'm not sure exactly what the field does. It seems to auto populate by itself.

 4.  In the configuration tab do I need to change anything under the "Arena" "Mythic" "Heroic" etc. tabs? I want my macro to do the same thing everywhere always. It doesn't need to change for any content.

 5. Am I using the correct block type for my purpose?

Macro export from in game:




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29.

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To start off, to spam your key, I would recommend AHk, and depending on what mouse you have like a razor, you could use that program to spam your action button where you put the macro. If using AHK or the latter, do not spam your key faster than 250ms as the faster you go, could result in a ban.

If and only if you want to use just the 3 spells you mentioned, change your Loop to Sequential, and add in pause blocks that pause for the GCD. I’ve attached how it would look in the macro to make your life easier.
I moved kill shot to the bottom of your action due to it will only go off when your target is 20% health and below. Kill Command and Barbed Shots should be your priority spells with Cobra has a filler and to reduce the cooldown of Kill Command. There are plenty of hunter macros for you to browse and see how they are setup to include the one I made. Hope this helps you out.