Need help converting a macro I made

I am trying to use chat gpt to make me a few macros. When it makes my macros it puts them into the old format GSE used to use. How do I convert the following macro to the new format?

local Sequences = GSELibrary – This line is required for GSE 3.1.51

Sequences[‘DiscPriest_Mindbender_MythicPlus’] = {
Talents = “YourTalentChoices”,
Help = “Mindbender Mythic+ Build - Optimized for 2pc and 4pc Tier Set Bonuses”,
MacroVersions = {
[1] = {
StepFunction = “Sequential”,
“/cast [mod:alt, @player] Power Word: Shield”,
“/cast [combat, @focus, exists, nodead, help] Power Word: Shield”,
“/cast [combat, @mouseover, exists, nodead, help] Power Word: Shield”,
“/cast [combat] Rapture”,
“/castsequence reset=target/5 Shadow Word: Pain, Penance, Smite, Smite, Smite”,
“/cast Mindbender”,
“/cast Power Word: Solace”,
“/cast [@mouseover, exists, nodead, help] Shadow Mend”,
“/cast Halo”,
“/cast Shadow Covenant”,
“/cast Penance”,
“/cast Smite”,
“/cast [combat] Power Infusion”,

I’ve never made a GSE macro before, but I tried to convert yours today, it seems to maybe have worked? May need some tweaking, though. I hopped onto my 60 disc priest today and blew off the dust for this :rofl:

Edit: Forgot Power Infusion
Edit: Updated Loop Sequence (unsure if this is where you wanted it)
Removed Trinket/Ring Use


Back again, this is a rough starting point. I will continue trying to tune.

ChatGPT is doing that because it was deliberately cutoff from learning too much; its like it is an encyclopedia–but from one year only. So it won’t be able to help you write the entire code that you want.

What it can do is write code line-by-line and you copypaste those code strings into GSE individually on a block-by-block basis.

Use the following macro to cycle target enemies (in both PVE and in PVP); it will apply Purge the Wicked on them. You’ll need to remove it from your own macro as well (unless you want to burn through GCDs re-applying it).




This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.54.

- The Default macro template is 1
- PVP uses template 2
- Arenas use template 2

Or you could import that in the Patron Build of GSE. The Patron build includes a GSE2 importer.

Anything you create with CharGPT will be lacklustre. It can’t take into account anything about how the game has changed since legion and the nuances of how you actually play compared to how Fred next server over plays.

The spec for GSE3 is publically published on the GSE wiki and even with access to that it can’t understand how to create anything useful and reverts to creating GSE2 templates as all it’s doing is copying the dregs of the past.

At a purely technical level GSE2 was hit and hope. It was really inaccurate and random.

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Yea I think I will leave it to the experts. My 50 year old PTSD brain gets too frustrated trying to get them to work . I may start mixing and matching various macros to see if i can get something that works for me. This whole making macros business has been frustrating to say the least. Thanks to all you macro makers for all the hard work and time spent testing to get the macros to us .

I am 54; you just aren’t a Big 10 fan. :wink:

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haha dont hold that against me

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The hardest thing writing a macro is that you have to remember that what you are creating in GSE will not be executed in a linear fashion unless you are manually pressing the button.

When spamming at 250ms with a 1.3 second GCD the following will happen:
First click - first action works.
Second click - second action sent but GCD in effect so ignored by WoW
Third click- third action sent but GCd in effect so ignored by WoW
Forth Click - forth action sent but GCD in effect so ignored by WoW
Fifth click - fifth action sent but GCD in effect so ignored by WoW
6th click - 6th action Sent and executed

And so on. Effectively the second thing that is fired is not your second action but your sixth. If your running that same macro at 100ms it’s not the sixth but the thirteenth or fourteenth that is executed next.

And if you macro has an even number of actions you can get to a situation where the same actions are executed and the in betweeen ones are completely ignored and never executed.

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