Need help creating a macro

So I am a single handed gamer who uses a razer naga mouse to compensate. I have been using the buttons on the side for movement and I have just been clicking my spells. I am really new to macros in general but I wanted to know how to put my rotation into two or three macros. If a single macro is possible I’d take too.

EDIT: My talents are 2233312. I watched a tutorial on how to work the gnome sequencer and I know what to do now.

Edit 2: So I think I got it figured out, but I think the ordering is wrong.
Macro 1: Murder of crows then Titans Thunder then Bestial Wrath then Aspect of the Wild.
Macro 2: Kill Command, then Dire Frenzy, then Cobra Shot.

I don’t know if this can be improved?