Need help creating warlock macro

Hello, I’m new to GSE and im looking for a pretty simple macro, not sure if it is possible to do.

The macro just needs to do 2 things in this priority

  1. Shadowbolt
  2. Life tap when there is not enough mana to shadowbolt

Any help would be appreciated!

you cannot make a macro that casts something when you have no mana or hp

Is it not possible to make a macro that just casts lifetap when shadowbolt is uncastable? It wouldn’t necessarily have to know what my mana was.

I think it can be possible if you make it a priority macro with

/cast Shadowbolt
/cast Life Tap

Since it is a priority macro, it should cast shadowbolt as a priority and then move to Life tap when it can’t no more…

That worked! With priority i just used the 2 lines and it seems to work when i tested in a duel. The only downside is if i dont have a target and hit the keybind it just lifetaps

Now I need help with hellfire. This may be a little different since Its a more complicated macro.

What i use right now is

/cast [nochanneling] Hellfire

This makes the hellfire keybind spammable so you dont overwrite existing hellfires.

I tried this in GSE(with priority list):

/cast [nochanneling] Hellfire
/cast [nochanneling] Life Tap

and nothing happens… It doesn’t even hellfire. Any advice?

So with further testing the

/cast Shadowbolt
/cast Life Tap

priority macro works, but only if you don’t spam it, If you spam it it fucks up and lifetaps all the time. Is there a way to make it spammable?