Need Help Fire Mage - FireBlast + Flame on

hi everyone,
i’m not really good in macro things so i need your assistance please.

i want to do something easy in fact :slight_smile:

Fire mage have 2 loads of FireBlast (can be used during a cast)
and a talent skill, FlameOn, who give 2 more loads

i want to use only one button. When my loads of FireBlast are 0, then use FlameOn to give me 2 more. But only if i have no loads otherwise its a waste.

I tried to do it myself but i failed
Someone can help me? Thanks for reading me and really sorry for my pathetic english writing.

Can’t be done. The scripts are not so smart really and to do that would come close to botting which as you know is against the ToS/EULA.

It’s the same reason you can’t have Pyroblast only fire off when it procs.

I would use this:

#showtooltip Fire Blast
/use [mod:shift,combat]Flame On;[@mouseover,harm,nodead]Fire Blast;[@target,harm,nodead]Fire Blast

It will always show the Fire Blast icon (stacks and CD). And you use Fire Blast on your mouseover if it’s an enemy that is alive or on your target if it’s an enemy that’s alive.
When you need to use flame on you simply hold shift and press the same button, but it won’t be cast unless you are in combat (just in chase you fatfinger it somehow before the engagement).

Should work in theory at least ^_~
Hope it helps you more than “Can’t be done.” Heuheu!

I have been trying something similar, albeit with Phoenix’s Flames and Fireblast. Was trying to put both these spells on 1 button, as they seem to funtion the same way.

Basically, i want to cast Phoenix’s Flames, and if PF is on CD, i want to cast Fireblast.

Sequences['PFlamesFireblast'] = {
source = "Local",
helpTxt = "Talents: 1133122",
"/cast Phoenix's Flames",
"/cast Fire Blast",

It does work, but do you think this would also be problematic for the ToS?

@mike no that script you posted wont be a problem. What the op said was he wanted something to happen when his stacks were low and the macros can not tell what your stacks are at because that would break the ToS. You used to be able to ad modifiers which make it so when you hold (shift, alt, or ctrl) while pressing the button it does something different then pressing normally but he would have to watch it himself still to know when he needs to hold shift plus im unsure if it even works anymore. You can read up on how to do that here
So a macro to do what I was saying would look something like this
/cast [mod] FlameOn; FireBlast
What that macro above should do is cast FireBlast when you press the button without holding but cast FlameOn when you press that same button while holding (shift, alt, or ctrl). So as I said you would still have to watch it yourself but that is the only way you can have it cast that only when you are at 0.