Need help fixing my Fury-warr macro.

I am new to the “macro-scene” and i cant make my basic burst combo work, without doing it manually.

i currently have this macro after i’ve builded 100 rage and critted with bloodthirst for enrage:
/cast Avatar
/cast Rampage
/cast Battle Cry
/cast Rampage

But instead of using rampage twice, it just for most of the times uses Avatar and Battlecry simultaneously. And then i have to re-cast to do 1 rampage, which means i miss a lot of dps. Can anyone help me, or just fix the macro? i know it has something to do with the GCD, yet i cannot manage to make it work ^^

Kind regards

I have Avatar
(Transform into a colossus for 20 sec, causing you to deal 20% increased damage and removing all roots and snares)
and Reckless Abandon
(Battlecry lasts 2 sec longer and generates 100 rage)