Need help making a macro with talents 3322223

So, I’m trying to create a macro for the talents above, but I cannot seem to come close to anything usable. I’ve tried modifying various macros already posted for SL with no luck as well. Will someone please give me a hand?

have you tried 💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Affliction Macro All-in-One?
i believe you can use any talents you want in it.

Honestly I do not think that it is possible to write an effective GSE macro for Affliction, right now.

For destruction I modified one of the uploaded ones, it works around my sim numbers, but the spec is in a very bad shape on raids, in Mythic dungeons it is competitive but still not a top one. Regarding optimal rotation I can not manipulate it to use Conflag before CB, so it is not optimal.

We have one Demology macro in the forum, it also works. Not perfectly emulates the rotation, but still performs well, especially Mythic Dungeon trashes, single target is not that much at least for me.

The issue with Affliction after trying all the macros here and tried my best to modify that it is not really possible to come close the optimal rotation.

Opening something like Pre-cast Haunt > UA > Agony > Corruption > Siphon Life > PHM/DS/Covenant > Darkglare + Trinket > Malefic Spam

So the line would be something like
/castsequence [nochanneling] ]Haunt, Unstable Affliction, Agony, Corruption, Syphon Life, null
/cast [nochanneling] Phantom Singularity, Dark Soul, Summon Darkglare
Sequence (Priority)
/cast Malefic Rapture
/cast Drain Soul

Whatever, for me (tried multiple MS and ahk, synapse, key press, mouse rolling) not even the first line procede trough.

Also after that we should create a macro which will reapply UA, Agony, Siphon Life, Corruption (with different durations), then cast Haunt whenever possible, do not spend Malefic Rapture till Phantom Singularity avaible just use Drain Soul as filler while keeping up the dots.

I tried as sequence (do not mind that I do not write channeling/nochanneling/combat whatever here, just the logic)
/cast [mod:alt] Malefic Rapture
/cast [mod:shift] Unstable Corruption
/cast [mod:ctrl] Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life (it seems working well to reapply these three dots together)
/cast [mod: another modifier] Phantom Singularity
/cast [mod: another modifier] Dark Soul, Summon Darkglare
/cast Haunt (should be used whenever possible)
/cast Kyrian ability (should try to maintain whole fight)
/cast Drain Soul

Trinket is on to use automaticly. So pretty much either I use so much modifiers that it is basicly the same as I would use the normal rotation or I have to decide to drasticly change my rotation compared to the optimal rotation.

I also tried /click pause X, never worked.

Most likely someone with more experience can solve this, but as far as I see my only option would cause a ban for me, use multiple macros on one button, make it kinda automatic. :smiley:


possible to wirte 2 macro and hit separately?

I can tell you what works for me. It is also the beauty of this addon. We might focus on the on button options but it can help with the more complex classes.

Macro 1
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=3 Haunt, Unstable Affliction

These two works well together, also you should start with Haunt + UA in both ST and AOE. Cooldown on Haunt is 15 sec and usually it is about the time you want to refresh UA. However the best if you keep them on separate button, because when you refresh UA its uptime became like 20-25+ sec, so after the second use of the macro you will refresh UA a bit early. You want the reset part so Haunt can be casted as soon as CD is done. However will not cast till Haunt is on CD.

Macro 2
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life

This three dots works well together, Agony uptime is like 18sec, Corruption and Siphon Life something around 13 sec. Reset=target is for AOE, in that situation you do not want to keep up Corruption and SL, just switch target and cast Agony.

Macro 3 (priority)
/cast [nochanneling] Scouring Tithe
/cast [nochanneling] Phantom Singularity
/cast [nochanneling] Dark Soul: Misery
/use trinket1
/cast [nochanneling] Summon Darkglare
/cast [nochanneling] Malefic Rapture

Basicly Burst, will cast all the lines before MR, and after that MR will be spammed. Basicly that is what you need. So opening pretty much covered here.

Opening: Macro1 > Macro2> Macro3
Sequence after that: Macro1+Macro2 (keep up dots all the time) > Drain Soul filler > when you are about to cap soul shard use Macro3 or separate button for MR (what happens here most of your spells on CD, so Macro3 will cast Kyrian spell and MR, this is basicly what we want)

Also in between the PS cds you do not want to spend any soul shards, so when PS is avaible, you can use macro3, will shoot PS and all the CDs avaible and spam MR.

Button 1
Drain Soul
Button 2
Seed of Corruption

So pretty much we simplified the rotation to 4 (or 5-6) buttons instead of like 11-12.

Also filler macro could work something like that:
Macro 4 (priority)
/cast [nochanneling] Haunt
/cast [nochanneling] Scouring Tithe
/cast Drain Soul

So haunt and kyrian ability casted when possible then Drain Soul filler. No keypress, no pre or post macro lines, just sequence everywhere. In theory it could be combined with modifiers, but more then offen modifiers does not work for me as intended and in some situations it is just more trouble. Personal preference I guess.

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This right here did a lot for me. I have it broken up into 4 macros like you suggested and it is getting me more DPS then the other macros. In some fights I can get about 4 to 5k DPS in that current fight. Kudos.

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Happy to read that it did help. I believe this is the closest we can get. Sometimes on the forum the question shows up if the addon can work with “ifs”. So looking at affliction there is too much ifs to cover it in one macro and it is close to impossible to work around the 45 sec PS window.

If UA uptime around (can not remember exact number) 70% refresh (for pandemic) (1st time and 2nd time because after refresh there is new duration for uptime)
If Agony uptime around 70% refresh (for pandemic) (1st time and 2nd time)
If Siphon Life uptime around 70% refresh (for pandemic) (1st time and 2nd time)
If Corruption uptime around 70% refresh (for pandemic) (1st time and 2nd time)
If Soul Shard >=4 cast MR once
If PS avaible, cast PS and MR untill soul shard = 0.
If PS and if any other CD avaible, cast them as above.

Most likely a decent script could handle it. :smiley:

I think I will go this way with Destro and Demo too. For Destro to solve the Conflag + CB issue, especially with Legendary Cinders it will cause a huge dps lost (3 conflag). For Demo I think DB can be included into the sequence if we let DB cast broken by shadowbolt.

Depends on if it can work like that when it is instant it can be casted but when the long cast starts it can be interrupted by other spells.

Something like this will def help me. I get stuck at capping out on my shards watching the dots on more then one target and waiting on PS. With this above, You would put this in a separate macros or how would you try to implement this? I play destro too and I have a pretty good script for it but I wonder if I can squeeze more dps out of it. I am not hitting the sim for it though.

is there a way to make all the macros into one?

@Pedro_Costa ??? what do you mean?

i mean to get the macros @nagzi made and mash them into one. i dont understand much of gse to make it so i hoped someone could



Talents: 3322223

This macro contains 1 macro version. Эта последовательность была экспортирована из GSE 2.6.36.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Призрачная сингулярность, Блуждающий дух

KeyPress: Нестабильное колдовство, Порча, Вытягивание жизни, Агония

Main Sequence: Вытягивание жизни, Блуждающий дух, Пагубный восторг, Нестабильное колдовство, Агония, Стрела Тьмы, Призрачная сингулярность, Гниение души, Порча

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

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Honestly do not see the benefit of one button + 3 and 4 modifiers vs 4 button. But would be something like that.

/castsequence [nochanneling] Haunt, Unstable Affliction Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, nul

Macro (Priority)
/castsequence [mod:button1, nochanneling] reset=3 Haunt, Unstable Affliction
/castsequence [mod:button2, nochanneling] reset=target Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life
/castsequence [mod:button3, nochanneling] Phantom Singularity, Dark Soul: Misery, Summon Darkglare
/cast [mod: button4, nochanneling] Malefic Rapture
/cast [nochanneling] Haunt
/cast [nochanneling] Scouring Tithe
/cast Drain Soul

Or something like that. I am not sure.

See, here you lose at least 50% of your damage.

Main issue of course as soon as you have a single shard it casts Malefic Rapture. You want to keep it around your cooldowns and the more dots you can have on the target. (you can add modifier)

After opening it is not manageble to play your CDs and dots around your Phantom Singularity window. You do not want to some of your dots expire in the middle of PS and MR spam (you can add modifier)

The benefit of this macro that dots uptime is close to 100%, but honestly one of the affliction mechanics are ignored, and sometimes still the dots drop. (you can add modifier)

Check Pandemic, copied from Icy Veins

“Pandemic” — Learning to Efficiently Refresh DoTs

Pandemic is a hidden mechanic that allows you to refresh certain timed effects early without penalty. You can refresh your DoT effects when they have less than 30% of their maximum duration remaining, and the new DoT’s maximum duration will be added with the remaining duration of the current DoT.

For example, if you cast a fresh Agony Icon Agony while your current one has a duration of 3.5s, your new Agony will now have a duration of 21.5 seconds.

The Pandemic values for safe refreshes for your other DoTs are as follows:

It is indeed a decent macro, tried to modify by myself.

Nagzi how to do I make the 3 macros you made in gse?