Need Help, New Coding not working?

Ok, so I was playing Legion just fine with GSE a few months ago, get back on today for BfA and update everything. Apparently there is a new code for importing and exporting in gse. Problem is, when i try to import a macro, it does it successfully, but the macro does not work. The Macros look like this when i attempt to edit after importing:

/cast 100
/cast 34428
/cast 163201
/cast 167105
/castsequence 772, 7384, 7384, 12294
/cast 1464
/cast 260708

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like that, I read something about how the abilities are converted into a universal ID # with the new coding system so there is no need to translate across languages when using code… but idk. Anyway, problem is, it doesn’t work. I put the macro on my action bar and try to cycle through it, there are no abilities, it just doesn’t do anything. I’ve done a lot of searching, assuming other people most likely encountered the same problem with the new expansion release, can’t find anything. I am using the 8.0.1 version of GSE and have reinstalled it twice. Can someone please help me out?

Oh by the way, I am playing an arms warrior. Trying to get arms warrior macros, the specific macro I tried to import that gave the result above was the “army of one” arms warrior macro posted very recently on this site.

No macro is written now in any language they all have to be translated locally. What the macro stores are the spell id’s that blizzard uses. Those numbers are those id’s. When you hit a spell button on your action bar, Blizzard calls a function called castSpellById(123455). This is a protected function that we as players are not allowed to call from mods. We can only call /castSpellByName(“SpellName”) and this only accepts your local language which in your case you are one of the 40% of people for which it is enUS English.

Now as to your problem there are two possibilities:

  1. you are not running GSE 2.3.06 ( I’m not saying this to be insulting it is simply a possibility. You can verify this by looking in your add ons list and hovering over GSE it should show version 2306.

  2. you may need to just edit and save the macro again as when it was imported for some reason it didn’t resolve the spell id’s to spell names and a save without any changes may restore this.