Need Help W/ Farming Macro in GSE

So my idea goes as follows a one-button macro to farm but also heal, I never could figure it out and figured asking here may be a good idea. Any help in figuring out this macro would be helpful to my disabled self.
Rough Idea: Ignore any useless info as I was trying to figure out things I didn’t need.
Skills Needed In Preferred Order:
Fortifying Brew - 6 Minute Cooldown
Fallen Order - 3 Minute Cooldown (Venythyr Skill until Dragonflight)
Touch of Death - 3 Minute Cooldown
Dampen Harm - 2 Min Cooldown
Purifying Brew - 19 Second Recharge
Celestial Brew - 1 Min Cooldown
Expel Harm - 5 Second Cooldown
Summon Black Ox Statue on me - 10 Second Cooldown
(Was Thinking a shift modifier?)
Keg Smash - 7.6 Second Cooldown
Leg Sweep - 1 Minute Cooldown
Rushing Jade Wind - 5.6 Second Cooldown
some way to aggro to the statue
then spinning crane kick while stuff is on cd

you need a bot program.

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And also that’s not how macros or GSE works. I suggest looking up how both of them work.