Need help with a do 2 handed macro gnome sequencer

Can sum1 make me a awesome dk 2 hander macro I have tried but can’t seeem to get it to work so if som1 could help would be very greatfull

Translation -

Can *someone (Please) make me *an awesome *DK Macro? I’m using (Insert Spec here) and wielding a 2 Handed Weapon. I have tried to make Macros, but can’t seem to get any to work. If someone could help, I would be very grateful.

When asking for assistance from someone, it is best to present yourself in a way that will make people think you understand what you’re asking for. Or more so in a way that will make them think you will understand the help they can offer!

And since I have a 12 Year old (Not saying you’re 12…), I understood you completely. So… Yes, I can certainly help you.

What Spec are you using?

Did you try any of the AMAZING Macros others have submitted?

Do you need help with Gnome Sequencer, aside from a Macro? As in set up and general use etc…

I’d like a 2hander DK Macro as well. I myself am frost DK aswell.
Prefering a level 90(questing) and level 100(Dungeon/raid) version if you dont mind taking the time to do them.

I have tried some of the macros, but they dont use obliterate or frost strike as much as i would like it to, i’am always stuck with loads of runic power and low dps.

my charecter is a 634 ilvl and my talents are 2,1,3,2,1,2,1.

and sorry about the first message lol. thankyou for the reply