Need Help with a Sequence

Hello there , im having a hard time fixing / figuring out how to fix my macro i really hope someone here can help me with it

so the macro i wana make is for Guardian druid , i want to to Cast “Thrash” CD by CD no matter what which i managed to do but i also want to have “mangle” be casted second Priority If thrash is on CD , so if both Off cd Cast thrash and then mangle , and Filler when both CD is Thrash . is it even possible ? i somehow made someting that was close to it but say i pretty the macro it cast “Thrash” and i stop it before mangle , then i press it again when Thrash is Not on CD instead of going for Trash it goes for mangle and finishing the line . Reset combat is not an option for me tho cuz i use it in mythic plus i chain pulling would be a HUGE help if some Pro Can help me with this

Moving this to the Druid section as it’s not a GSE problem it’s about creating a guardian macro.

Oh sorry and ty a lot mate