Need help with BM hunter macro line

I’m trying to add Mend pet in the macro but I don’t want it to fire off while in a group so I listed it in the post macro as “/cast [nogroup] Mend Pet” but it is not firing off.

Anyone know why and if there is a way I can make it actually work?

I hate using Mod keys because my hands barely work as is and also constantly monitoring pet health is not feasible.

I know the [nogroup] works in some cases because I use it for the following to turn growl off in groups.
/petautocastoff [group] Growl
/petautocaston [nogroup] Growl

we would need to see more of your macro to tell you what is wrong. Mendpet shares global cooldown so it will not fire if you are firing a GC ability right before it.
Put that /cast [nogroup] Mend Pet in the premacro area and try it out.

Thanks… That worked. Well at least when not in a group but it should work right if it fires at all.

Happy Holidays!

Just make sure your LoS to your pet.