Need help with Gnome Sequencer please

I’m sorry to be “that guy”, but I was hoping someone could help me to add macros into GS-E. I’ve just recently started playing WoW again after having taken a year and a half break. Back then I was using Macro Toolkit, which is much easier to use.

I wanted to start playing my 100 DK. Problem is GS-E looks so much more complicated than what I am used to and was hoping for some help. I’ve watched some YouTube videos but they always show how to use the default ones and never how to paste a macro that you get from this site.

I’m sure I sound like a noob, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

you and me both … i thought i had this figured out but just when you think you do they push out an update that then deletes all your macros - so then (after tons of searching) i find that you have to save the macros in a specific folder so that doesn’t happen … worked great then gse+ or whatever comes out and ruins that. I like it but i don’t like that you have to upload your macros each time. and searching for solutions in the forum is like finding a needle in a haystack. But for your sake (until an update deletes all your macros) you just type in /gsse in game click the “import” button - then paste the code to your macro. Click import. Then you will see your macro in the main /gsse window - so click create icon - if its grayed out then click on your macro then click create icon - take the icon and drag and drop to your bar. Like i said this work fine until they push a weekly update out to wipe all your macros. Cheers!

Type /gs click import and paste the macro you copied in. Click on said macro and create icon. then drag that macro to your action bar and thats it.

Hit me up with a PM or in discord is even better I can run you through it.

Discord= Darkmanz#4460

Thanks to all of you for your help. I have it working now.