Need help with macro abilities

Havoc. Is there any way to target an enemy you are not targetting to cast this on and then continue back on the main target? With mythics and 8.3 coming there are tons of multi-target fights. Its a great ability but trying to cast it on my own takes away so much time that could be used killing the main target.

Cataclysm. Is there any way to have this target the target I am fighting instead of just where my mouse is. It would be much more useful.

The first, I do not believe so. That sounds a bit too specific for GSE and begins to stray into botting.

The second is a no; Cataclysm is a placed AOE so @cursor is the best way to use those abilities if executing through GSE. Or use and place manually. I should add that those placed abilities cannot be targeted at specific enemy either.

I used havoc on a mouseover macro in the past. I am not sure but you could try adding the mouseover to one of your macros you are running but use it with a modifier such as Shift, ctrl or alt.

Cataclysm. Not sure if this will work the same but I use this for my traps with my mousewheel.

/cast [@cursor] Freezing Trap

Hope this helps

Cataclysm is a reticule based ability. Like a warriors Herpic Leap a Demon Hunters Metemorphisis. You cant cast a reticule ability @ftarget. only @player or @cursor. Use “/cast [mod:shift, @cursor,nochanneling] Cataclysm”
in the premacro and only the premacro. It will cast spell at your cursor. Even if you dont have a current target , or you do have a target/focustarget it will still cast. IIts deigned to work this way. Bot? my ass.

Clearly, you didn’t read my post. He asked if you can somehow auto-target for Havoc; that was his first question. GSE cannot do that and if it could, yes, it would be similar to a bot. You can only use macro targeting commands, like @focustarget, or @targettarget. My reply to Cataclysm was the exact same explanation as yours. Please actually read next time. Thanks.

Due to the way wow limits certain commands in macros you can only have 1 instance of a target item in any given macro. However, I think you may be able to get around this with a GSE script as i think that should function differently when you have on keypress and then a sequence and then something on keyrelease. So you would do something like this:

KeyPress /targetenemy 1 (this functions like shift+tab meaning it should rotate backwards through the nearest enemies, selecting something other than your current enemy)
in the sequence put /cast [@target] Havoc
KeyRelease put /targetlasttarget

I can’t promise this will work as I dont play warlock or use Havoc but i think it should.

If that does work, I can foresee some issues, primarily inadvertently targeting mobs/enemies not currently engaged. But that’s a risk you take running DPS macros with /targetenemy and ranged abilities. However, that being said, that would be useful if such a script could be made. I think that would perhaps work better in a separate WoW macro if possible, something that could be manually pressed during the initial pull.