Need Help with Macro

I am using this macro to tank. I want to changes something on it and I don’t know how. I dot want it to cast ardent defender on cooldown, I also don’t want to it to auto cast my trinkets on cool down. Can anyone help me work this?

This is what I am using.
Sequences[‘Prot’] = {
source = “Local”,
helpTxt = “Talents:2133132”,
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
“/cast !Consecration”,
“/cast !Hammer of Justice”,
“/cast Avenger’s Shield”,
“/cast !Blessed Hammer”,
“/castsequence reset=6 Judgment”,
“/castsequence reset=90 Blinding Light”,
“/castsequence reset=7 Consecration, Consecration”,
“/cast !Blessed Hammer”,
“/cast !Light of the Protector”,
“/cast !Consecration”,
/cast Shield of the Righteous
/cast Ardent Defender
/cast [combat] Seraphim
/cast [combat] Avenging Wrath
/cast [combat] Eye of Tyr(Artifact)
/use [combat] Oralius’ Whispering Crystal

It’s easy once you figure it out. Anything you don’t want a macro to do you just delete the line.

Just delete the /cast Ardent Defender line in the macro.

Anything you want to go off sooner or higher priority you move up , lower or less often move it down.

If it’s using your trinkets remove the name of the trinkets and anything that uses /use 13 or 14 which this macro doesn’t have then you may need to go into /Gsse and options and unchecked use trinkets