Need some guidance here

Ok in the picture you see my macro and the details of how it performs. As you can see my Festering wounds are lower than the other player’s casts (on average half in absolute numbers) which is in correlation with my FS’s it seems.

Any suggestions on how to adjust the macro so my casts go up.

Well it could be quite a few things.

  • Do you have all of the same gear as that player?
  • What is your ilvl compared to theirs?
  • Maybe they have a legendary or something you dont have
  • Was Festering Strike cast on cooldown? With it being in a cast sequence, it could be hung up on the other spells
  • Is there talents that boost it that you dont have and maybe they do?
  • I dont know if it is something but you have sweeping claws and he doesnt?
  • Is there any spells that buff FS that you could cast before it?
  • and so on and so on

There are alot of factors that can come into play when asking yourself questions like these.

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Thanks for your reply but all of that is factored in if you check the image I am higher on most of the other components but the FS and FW. So most of the points (which are valid) are almost nullified. This is an image I’m seeing multiple times but no need for me to flood the thread with images. So this must be related to my macro. might be that my SS needs to be doubled in the macro …might be some other things…I’ve tried that already and my FS/FW % did go up but than others came down so I need to find the right balance. I know I can’t have it BOTH ways, but I was just looking for suggestions how at least I can balance/average the percentages to a stable level. But again thank you for responding with pointers

You are going to need to start examining logs and step through your macro. No one can magically solve it as the answer for me with my character will be different to you as my character’s gear is different.

Hi Tim thanks for your reply (BTW looking forward to the new GSE version). As you suggested I did look through logs and went through the Debugger on various occasions as well. I was just looking for other pointers I haven’t thought about more related to the macro built. ( for example rearranging spells from different boxes to another or the order of the cast sequence stuff like that, or macro run speed (currently 100ms)) As you know and have taught us through the Masterclass, there are lots of factors that influence the performance of a macro. But I will play with it a bit more and see what adjustments I can make.

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