Need some help please

when i use /cast [@player,combat,nochanneling] Volley volley lands on me. how do i get volley to land on my target

You have two choices: @player ← on you or @cursor ← where your mouse is. There is no option to put volley on your target.

well darn. thanks for answering so quickly

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is that something that just won’t work or could it be added later on . just wondering

Its something that Blizzard didnt give the option for

Bliz has said that targeted AoE are generally more powerful spells, so it is a balance thing. They said having the ability to cast @target would be to overpowered and why it is done that way.

well poo on blizz and I understand I ask because I am handicap. I try to get as much as I can out of gse and I appreciate the good work you do. It has really helped me play wow. thank you for your hard work.