Need to be honest to improve

Ok here’s the thing. I need help from the DK ( and if others want to share their knowledge) community as I play my DK again

  1. I suck at manual play, ( runes, Cd’s etc )…just being honest. When I started playing wow 12 yrs ago I did use manual play for my rotation, but again I sucked because during a fight there are so many things you need to keep track of. I managed to do some decent DPS but always lower than other DK’s in raids and in my guild as I was only one of two… I got a way with this during the whole WOTLK expansion all the way till MOP. After a while I got replaced (and it was just) because of that. Which really demoralized me and I quit wow for a while

  2. With Legion and the intro of the DH I returned and start playing DH neglecting my DK as DH seemed a bit easier to play and I didn’t have to manage stuff like runes. started playing manual again and started off good but in the end fell short…AGAIN

  3. I discovered this community during legion and it was a blessing as I only had to bind my rotation under 1 key and could pay attention to all the rest going on alongside me in a fight.
    My performance was much more stable BUT still with a lot of hits and misses.If you would check my performance for the same boss 10 times it was still too inconsistent.
    I thought maybe it was something macro related and searched for help in the community and hats off to John (Metz) as well as other that supported me. But again my inconsistencies lead me to be replaced again. And I quit wow again due to disappointment right before Argus. :pensive:

So what does that have to do with macro’s if I suck right :grinning: .

Now I returned to wow again for the 3rd time…driven by Covid and eventhough I had a 2 year hiatus I still kept up with the developments. Joined this community again… imported John’s UH DK macro and went on to playing. And I love it :heart_eyes:…it’s like coming home. I didn’t join any guild because if I mess up I wanted to do it on my own accord and I don’t need a teenager mouthing off at me in a way my own children wouldn’t dare…BUT for the 3rd time the story seems to go south…I’m suffering DPS loss/ too inconsistent again in fights…Good burst damage coming out of the gate swinging but after that I barely can cling on to the top 10 getting beaten by DK’s with the same ilvl as me or in some cases lower…BUT this time I don’t want to run from it…but confront it head-on to get better.

And… Good News Everyone (in my Prof Putricide voice) …I came to find out that one of the MAIN drivers of my DPS loss is movement…which is what I’m working on. If you have any tips let me know but I use my keyboard only for my button bindings so for the macro and all other things like abilities/food/mounting etc. But I move with my mouse (auto-run). I don’t strafe…never did …
I notice that when I run away from a boss when it’s doing it’s abilities …I run away with my back turned and therefore suffer DPS loss in contrary to someone strafing and still keeping visibility with the boss…Also I use a wireless mouse that has a slight delay when I auto-run.Working on moving with my RMB and LMB mouse buttons pressed at the same time now. Takes some getting used to but I will get there eventually…but BTW

  • Is a wired mouse better?

my other questions are:

  • is it important to know the main UH DK base rotation even though I’m using a macro

  • Are there any abilities (CD’s runes) I need to pay attention to, even though I guess the sequence takes care of that part?

  • Any add-ons that are crucial next to the macros ( ofc things like DBM etc are crucial and I have those but any other i should consider )

  • Is a thread that explains the dynamic between Pre Macro/Key Press and Main Sequence. Ofc the names speak for itself but I want to delve deeper and have a better understanding if my aim is to improve…

Sorry to drop a whole essay on you guys…but this is me coming clean, provide some context and try to improve from this point on.

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