Need to import after every spec change/relog

hey all, recently i have noticed that macros on any class/spec will not work until i re import the exact same macro, and once i’ve imported it again it will then work.
i will need to do this again if i change spec, and also if i log out.
i am not changing any settings or anything, however i still need to re import it again
does anyone have any fix for this?

sounds like one of your addons might be causing this.

If you have modified the stub macro to the point where GSE doesn’t recognise it or it doesn’t exist then GSE won’t initialise that template at login. When you save of import that process initialises the template but without the stub macro GSE won’t reinitialise it on login.

This was designed as such This allows you to disable that template but not delete the template from GSE to save resources and decrease loading times.


after i import the macro, the only things i change are the name and icon, don’t touch anything else after that.
do you have any steps i can do to check whats happening?