Need updated macro w/tier set, please

I have finally gotten my 4pc tier set and am looking to do some raiding and maybe a few M+ dungeons. The current setup that seems to be suggested as best for this, doesn’t seem to be available in current LazyMacros listed.

My choices are: 2123221

I am currently using a combination of older macros (which are not really that effective any longer) and one from Elfyau’s Destro Warlock, but the selections listed in his macros are not the same.

Is it possible someone here can offer a macro(s) to include these talents? If so, have you a macro I can try out? I want to obtain ST and AOE versions if possible, without modifiers. I tend to put certain keys by themselves rather than include them in a macro, i.e. Summon Infernal and my covenant talent (I use Night Fae).

Any help would be appreciated.

there’s many marco’s posted i dought any one will update when DF is right around the corner the marco’s posted are working fine … try those .

Well, I came to that conclusion shortly after posting this and after having a chance to check out the new Beta talents. If things keep going like they are, Destro lock is going to be a fun spec to play. I mean it absolutely seems like there will be a fire lock build to walk into.

So psyched over the changes in the new DF talent trees right now. Hope LazyMacros folks have had a chance to take a look into the new trees.

There is a good chance to create a nice macro to help connect synergy with some of those talents to help folks out who have a hard time pushing a lot of buttons back to back just to take advantage of some combos that seem to be coming out of the new trees.

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