Need your help at toggle macro with Logitech Mouse

Hey Guys,

I really need your help at some Logitech Macro Stuff. In Order To my new mouse, i created some macros which work Perfect. But now i wanted to create a Spamming toggle on/off macro, which cast the ‚E-Key‘ on my bartender bar. On Desktop it works and spam ‚E‘ til I Click it again. On wow-Chat it just spams 3 ‚E‘s and if i Click it as command, its just cast one Time. Please help me with that issue :frowning:

Kind regards Mary

When you make the macro in the Logitech Command Editor, down the bottom should be an option for repeat: None, While Pressed, Toggle.

The option you would want to put in is Toggle so it will be pressed once and fire at the desired rate until you click again to stop it .

Also check the profiles at the top of the page too to make sure World of Warcraft is listed and clicked on when you add the macros…

Switching to Desktop and WoW would change the profile and act differently

The macro works on desktop etc. but not on wow.
the profile is the same on both

Can you take an image and paste it here for what you have set up?

is there a way to create a toggle macro on one button that can cycle through 3 different commands on one button.
for example: have one button set to shift+e, the first time you hit it.
press the same button again and go to the next command Shift+p,
press the same button a thrid time and go to the 3rd command alt+c,
press the button again and start the whole loop all over again?
if so could you write the code, I’m a complete noob to Lula.
I would even pay to have this done.
email me: