Neeed PVP Macro

I have lvl 70 characters , i need macros for pvp . Anyone help me ?

right now, dont think anybody is currently working on this class/spec macros. wish there was some new or updated ones myself.

i want Evoker Devastation pvp macro . Anyne help me ?

Do you really think @Oguzhan_Simsek that this helps?:

@Siodar answered you, there’s no macro for evoker devastation because of the character design. U want one? Make one. Don’t spam the forum with things like that because that only shows how stubborn you are.


I am playing evoker for the first time, I asked for help from experienced friends. Don’t sabotage the thread unnecessarily. Read the thread title, don’t write anything out of context …

Out of context? I just copied all your text so its inside the context.

As far I can see you came here asking for someone to create a macro for you because you’re lazy and can’t at least pick one developed for pve and add pvp skills.

And quoting myself this time:

Don’t spam the forum with things like that because that only shows how stubborn you are.

You can write whatever now, you assured us how stubborn you are answering like that.


Didn’t see this before…You’ve read 31 min of posts in this forum. You can’t even understand what is GSE and how dos it work. how could I expect you to have respect for the forum itself when you read just 30 min of work here?

To make sure you understand, that I get it can be hard…

That’s like go into a NASA test just reading NASA and ask wtf means NASA to them, that you’re applying for them for first time, that you’re asking to experienced friends (sorry but r it seems they’re no friends here) and also telling them to don’t sabotage the NASA.

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There isn’t really much to macro. Not to get the full benefit of Devo I dont think.

You can create an in-game macro with something like,

/castsequence reset=target Shattering Star, Disintegrate, Disintegrate, Disintegrate

Disintegrate does the most damage aside from Deep Breath. So use Landslide → Deep Breath

Fire Breath and Eternity Surge in my opinion, work best stand alone.

My setup is like this.

Key #1 In-game Macro
Key #2 Disintegrate (Just for when it proces)
Key#3 Fire Breath
Key #4 Eternity Surge

Then I have other spells on the extra action bar above.

Bind Q = Living Flame
Bind E = Landslide
Bind R = Deep Breath

Pretty sure that’s how I use it. Going off the top of my head but there isn’t much to Devo.

Hope this helps a bit,

Edit: Use Tip the Scales before an empowered spell, like on Key = 3 or 4. I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff. But everything I have bound to a key, on the action bar or whatever. There is also Pyre, But I rarely use it on its own. I think I use Dragonrage for that. (Always make sure to hover when using macro or Disintegrate)