New 2.4.11 Version Minimap Icon

The minimap icon keeps coming back on login and /reloadui.

yes, even though it’s not checked anymore

please advise me how to turn this minimap icon off. I find it super annoying and I don’t use it.

Did you try to update GSE? Or look at the list of known issues and see that it has been fixed in 2.4.12?

I am currently at 2.4.14
I am sorry, I am not sure where to find the thread you refer to, or the directions to turn it off. I will continue to look for that. Unless of course someone could point me to it or tell me how to turn it off first.

ya so nothing. I have searched “known issues” , “2.4.12” I have looked through the troubleshooting forum, I have google searched… I dont find what you are telling me I should have looked at. Might be why I didn’t look because it isn’t that easy to find. Could have just told me or posted a link.

so no help? I am very sorry I cannot find any info on this or easily find the sections on the forum you refer to here but i find nothing. Can you tell me how to turn this off ?

Not on WoW at the moment for specific guidance, but I believe is one of the first check boxes in the options from the options button inside /gs the past time I saw it.

I believe Timothy was referring to the issues of the original poster.

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lutechi is correct. Go in game type /gs or /gse and then click options, then in the general section at the top left of the check boxes is a tick box for the mini map icon.

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Thank you very much and again , my apologies for not finding that on my own.

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All good, never hurts to ask :slight_smile: