New addon for Rotations: SimpleRotation.

Hey guys, I am Chienbo from the WoW UI/Macro section discussion on the removal of leading 0 castsequence macros. While I didn’t use much from this site itself, it was the place I learned of the macros, how to make them, and the first place I checked when they stopped working. So it seem appropriate to post this here:

I built this addon from the core idea of GnomeSequencer. The biggest different is that it has a UI to help build your macros, and it remembers the position of castsequence macros put into the rotation by way of creating an offset frame to house the text itself.

I’ve spent the last month building/testing it. It accommodates my own disabilities quite nicely and feels to me like the old 0- macros.

I hope this helps everyone, if you have feature requests you can use this thread or put in a ticket. I hope everything is simple enough to use out of the box. I plan to update it regularly and hopefully extend its initial features.

Hi Chienbo

Loving the look of your new add-on, beautifully done, lovely and simple to use, however after creating my rotation and placing it on my action bar i spam it and nothing happens, im using bartender if that makes any difference? if not im sure im missing something really simple :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,
Have you had any luck? I too use bartender and it works fine alongside it.

It sounds to me like the requisite frames aren’t getting built. Try opening the rotation in question and hitting Save Rotation again so that everything rebuilds. If all else fails try typing:
/simplerotation DeleteRotations

And start from scratch and see if that helps at all. I’ll look into seeing what I can do to safeguard a lot of the processes and make sure the experience is consistent.

Hi Chienbo

Still no luck im afraid, i can build the macro i need but still nothing fires,i have tried keeping in simple with just a couple of spells but still no joy. im not sure if this is related at all but when i drag my trinket into one of the spaces it disappears after i close and re-open the edit window, your help is appreciated


Chienbo, I too can create the macros, but can not get them to fire off. Please advise!

Hey guys, I have some ideas as to what might be causing the issue and I’ll need to make some adjustments. I just wanted to post here saying I haven’t forgotten about you, just busy with a few work issues. Once I sort that out I’ll be updating the addon with better error proofing and some fail-safes.Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow.

Thank you for taking time to give me feedback you guys, its really helpful! I’ll update this post once the new changes are finished and gets approved.

Thank you for your work on this addon. I am wondering if you are planning on including a way to time your spell to be hit. example if you have a spell that should be hit every 15 seconds and not spammed. If you could put beside the spell a box which gives us a way to select how much time we want between a spell being recast. example would be like Vamparic Touch to be cast every 15 seconds in the macro.


No worries at all for the feedback mate, you are doing us a favour putting all the hard work into things like this.
On the good side i have managed to get it working (although not perfectly) my trinket is popping but is still not in my macro list, and also i can add “blood Fury” into my macro list but it wont fire. i added it into the macro as a “spell” from your drop down list, im guessing that is right but no joy. |Im not sure if this was part of your changes but thought i would let you know


Hey chienbo

Just wanted to throw a post up to see if you were still around, I’m still using your add on and still love it, bugs as well lol, were you planning to do anything else with it as I think it has a lot more scope.


Thank you sir. I will give it a try.