New Arcane Mage first time in legion, where to start.

Okay, so i knew about this forum for a while, used it as a ghost user for some reference points for other classes, helped. But i did find myself tailoring alot. Which there’s a chance i’ll tweak anyones macro a bit and make it more comfortable to my playstyle. I like being outside the box!

Now with my observations and general asking arouns in the last 8days of legion, leveling, getting some gear, researching hall stuff, opening brokenshore… (now i guess im onto pathfinding).

I find i have a solid natural grasp of arcane, but i feel at times. I may not be getting the most out of my gear through casting. It seems arcane has a few styles that if you know you’re lacking in some statlines, your sequences change. I have managed to acquire (24h after buying BOE) KirinTor Bop legendary shoulders for the 10% per Arcane charge to cast an arcane orb whilst using barrage. Well… needless to say, mythic dps on trash is rather high compared to most pugs. Im not trying to compete with long term legionares over 915+ ilevel etc, but at times… i really am going beyond other 900-915 pugs with ease.

Im not using any macros, just a decade of built in awareness. Hell im trying to strip my shit box laptop to get 45 stable fps without castbar lag. (anyone feels they might be able to help, lets go to another thread/pm or something, im struggling a bit with AMD drivers and its current driver being in a totally different language so im sort of stuck updating my crappy R3 radeon card).

but yeah, dps macro… i guess i kinda just pumped PoM, Charged up, Arcane power and Mark of Aluneth onto 1 button, at times i do it manually and wait till i erode to 8% then actually start with the dps cycle.

But i try to 4stack asap so i can do high rotation of any missles, barrages but with the ability to charge up quickly again, so often if i can enter a fight with 4 charges. I go straight into Arcane Power (talented for 60% + casting), often i blink into A/E range if not already in it and cycle between 2 isntant cast blasts, regular blast, arcane explosion for instant 4 stack, use any missles otherwise keep pumping up that blast till either a) at 50% mana and i use evoc (with trait dmg at 100% mana), and set up for another minute of high dosage. Using missles as much as possible, any fights with 2-3+ trash is just charged up+ ap, arcane explosions + barrage on rotation to proc arcane orbs (which add +1 arcane charge per target hit) which at times, means im stuck on a rotation of just a/e and barrage at 4 and constantly rotating the a/e into 4 charges to barrage as soon as off cd. It restocks my mana and seems near endless with AP / Evoc available, i can do that for a few minutes without worry. My AE dmg is huge, ive seen it hit 2.8million dps @ 891 ilevel, ive done some mythic single target fights at 800k-1mill dps, heroics… hell if i start i a fight with 4stacks, it goes for 75seconds tops… Im easly over 1mill dps.

I guess- is there an easier set up for macro’ing my dps

like, can i make a macro to recognise i’ve hit 4stacks, start using arcane missles to empty my charges and barrage at the end of no charges of missles, allowing me to just start again from blasting at no arcane power,

can i make a macro that will allow me to do arcane explosions and once at 4stacks, the next spell will be barrage, if barrage is on CD, back to A/E instantly… doesn’t sound like much, but i think at times im missing dmg by barraging .2 too early when that could of been an explosion etc as i do get some skippy fps at times.

how do i set up a lazy macro for target focus target, polymorph, retargeted main dps target without ever switching…

im trying to catch up on alot of things and my old mods, i twisted alot of it and just adjusted with other characters, mods like healersmustdie or gladius

i used to have blank /target focus target /cast what u want /target dps target go back to rotation spell that wasn’t perfect, btu for alot of stuff i’d just tailor it to the fight / save and built up alot of macros for content specific things till now…

well needless to say, life would be easier playing from a (first time ever as a mage at end game in 13years) noobs perspective again with changes etc. If i could save some time that i find im always watching for procs, buffs, my eb and flow, perfect moments to stack everything when its all just right and look at some hilarious 2.6million arcane blast crits. (yes, at 891 ive had some dungeons where my blast has crit for 2.6mill at 891 ilevel, this seems stupidly high but im sure its more when everything has proc’d / stacked just right to get the biggest multipliers)

feels like some dps macros and cleaning up some bars / spells and forgetting about them entirely as its just, time consumingly easier and stress saving them to be 95% right all the time, then 100% right some of the time but falling short in other areas.

I love twisting my spells, so a 1 track path doesn’t seem ideal, maybe at a certain ilevel / enhancement stat line the general macros work better, but at present, i seem to some how have stacked mastery/versatility alot (27%21%) with crit/haste at (15/17%)

i know i need more haste, im trying to get into 900 gear dropping mythics consistantly at this stage of progression to free up some slots and enable enhancement options rather than just trying to pump the highest ilevel i can with what ive got so far via pvp / heroics / odd mthics and unstable LFR)

suggestions? Feels like arcane has a tiny elite circle of fans, and everyone underneath going “arcane sucks” but 13 years in and out of the game (retired maybe 5-6 of them over the years but been background aware of alot) feels like… Arcane dmg potential should be absolutely explosively huge when desired, and consitantly higher than other specs. Feels like if you’re on top of mana management / cd use etc. You should really be doing more than fire/frost, i know some fights the other specs get some abilities that you can’t keep up with, but thats just 'optimal" conditions for that style of play to look great. And because frost/fire appears generally easier, there’s a much larger pool of data to support it.

But the arcane people… pve or pvp… im interested in both atm. Im screaming out for help, im trying to reach through the ranks and ilevel as dedicated arcane, even in pvp (the most fragile spec ugh i hate warriors/ret/dk that are set on keep up with me, just feels like… im lacking the hp to survive the 4-5 abblities within 5-6seconds to get the 5seconds of space to cast and obliterate, yes i know my hardware is stopping a bit, im not sure where to start in reaching for help setting it to the best it can do stabally and fps wise, id settle for 45fps stable, no stutters. On lowest of lows, no care about sparkles, neon lights, spell effets, i just need the minimal info / ques in pvp to know what people are doing etc, less is more to me graphically, i use everything once set up properly again. Skill trackers, gladius, healers must die etc. Generally i switch my hud into an overlay map / compass so i can tell where people are targeting me from, clicking over that will target the person directly rather than finding the character model etc or using healersmustdie list, tho that list is wonderful also.

Any help on an aspiring, intelligent, analytical player achieve arcane brilliance?

Sorry for the wall of text, appreciate tidying up forums since 7.2… i took off into legion during 7.2.5 and things are really lacking in a clear way for me to really get stuck into it, sort of like…im playing a hated spec or something or people just go into “its easier” specs for more satisfying rewards easier. Even i thought about making an alt DH for pvp, but i do realise alot of my struggles are research level capped and each day i try to set 2-4 orders up, if i have an abbundance, i need to work for the 10k resource hall tier. I just finished 1 more legendary. (did alot of heroics and converted blood’s into resources whilst trying to unlock Tears of Elune and finding how to do world quests / unlock brokenshore, i think im up to like 35-38 right now research level, maybe a bit under… 30-32 somewhere in the 30’s… trying to get my laptop back o what it was after deciding to do a “Fresh start” in windows 10… its been a nightmare. figured i’d free up some of my 4gb ram with removing everything. Only made replacing drivers a nightmare and to find windows 10 “activation” sucks from their end.

cheers for your read and any engagement, i’ve got email notifications set up, but i am a bit lazy with alt tabbing and checking email then interupting things and looking directly at it, but i’ll try to bounce back every couple-few hours or so to give it some direct attention, i hope my post translates to help = greatly appreciated, i’ll catch up to it that day or early next of your post to have a closer look on how to improve.


A crazy ass goblin arcane mage

and i already noticed i used the pvp section

my post applies to both pve and pvp in general,

sorry if its misplaced.

To stay on thread topic, i guess macros for pvp only unless mod’s dont mind as there’s not to big an arcane community to get confused about it?