new bm dps 100%

after trying all the existing macros for hunter bm, I noticed that they all suffer from a considerable loss of dps for many reasons. they open well say all at the end but then often remain stuck or slow in using the spell.
note: for hunter bm no nserve write macro with castsequence or long rows of spell I find them quite useless. I use macro spell cast base and I guarantee that I keep a remarkable dps both aoe and single. everything can vary clearly to your gear and stat that you have then try and try again is the only advice I can give you.
note 2: I use manually bestial wrath and aspect of wilde to have more precision in the times and when I think it’s right to use them properly.

Talents 1323211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Stormo di Corvi

KeyPress: Depistaggio, Sfregio, Folgore Spirituale, Slancio

Main Sequence: Stormo di Corvi, Tiro Lacerante, Ordine di Morte, Tiro del Cobra

Post Macro: Stormo di Corvi


d4t0caqykVKe8wrX2irxwLzQQWJrz2kPZtLCtG6xQY3eL(NQsTtQAVs7gK9t0pvOQ)QQk)MuduvfdfGgmHHRGdIQQtRuhtrNdqwiQklvvvTyQuwoupuvLEQWYiP1PqLjcetvunzLy6ixevXTbvptexxHSrQuzRQkzZKqBNkv9rfkMfQ8zqPVRqPXbOggqA0OknEa0jbGPrfxtK6EQk61GINd5UIK7S51pBac))Rq8hFG)J)XZt9QnVbydAKTcai6WU)GOTgQ81i3wpic1yYPY9nxc33CtUzdqofTrRu9ZgGngw)1HrBneQ51pBE9ZgpMHiPqDMvfuqRxTXJzisksCavvz9jnEmdrsHQsNK6DA8ygIKI8nwlfl36QjfmE3WpSvF6gpMHiPycuIt601RSXJziskuv6K04dTE4Jn8n1y2qHZ1)36zOR5LAe0n4UrqmARHAaiERXBYvda1icSXW6Mx)SXJziskMjtGbYPudaXhyJH1nV(zJhZqKumtMadKtPgkCUaeFiuZRF24rgg2JoOdUlPidKMxddpvMLZwsvVAJhImmzezmyQpPXB4iJiJbt9onEmdrsXujWQzRpDJhZqKuawJr66v24XmejfbCJbt9zB8ygIKImKHH9OpvuZgH4KIdGBeH4Kci9YzlP4Yqgg2J(C4ioP4a4grioPasVC2skPiXXjB26bUXJziskYW0WDZiUHJgxmSXBsk47meX9ZWQ56WPKIyyJ3Kua(GwQhOgpMHiP43vBSLkvQrmCmaas9QPtAW)iIxnUbiggg7W6FaBlASb1ymbpFDy0wd1q1buNg8aPOgZUF1WhmYCBVUjx1TsLAb<strong>DARKS_BM_AOE</strong> <em>Talents</em> 1,2,?,3,?,1,1

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Stormo di Corvi

KeyPress: Depistaggio, Sfregio

Main Sequence: Tiro Multiplo, Tiro Lacerante, Ordine di Morte, Tiro del Cobra

Post Macro: Stormo di Corvi


<em>Talents</em> 1,2,?,3,?,1,1

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

<strong>Macro Version 1</strong>
<blockquote><strong>Step Function: </strong>Priority

<strong>Pre Macro: </strong><a href=“”>Stormo di Corvi</a>

<strong>KeyPress: </strong><a href=“”>Depistaggio</a>, <a href=“”>Sfregio</a>

<strong>Main Sequence: </strong><a href=“”>Tiro Multiplo</a>, <a href=“”>Tiro Lacerante</a>, <a href=“”>Ordine di Morte</a>, <a href=“”>Tiro del Cobra</a>

<strong>Post Macro: </strong><a href=“”>Stormo di Corvi</a>


how do i put the macro in gse?

As above poster has asked. How do we use this?


I apologize for the miscopied post I will update right away





note: I am Italian so I copied the macro in my language, if it does not automatically translate gse, just change the name spell in your language.

Ty will give it a whirl!

Don’t want to be that guy Durpollo3, but when you share a macro, try to give it for as many people as possible.

You just have to change your skill in italian by the ID, and then everybody could get it in their language withtout having to do any change.

[quote quote=69747]Don’t want to be that guy Durpollo3, but when you share a macro, try to give it for as many people as possible.
You just have to change your skill in italian by the ID, and then everybody could get it in their language withtout having to do any change.[/quote]
My client is in Brazilian Portuguese and I am a macro creator and contributor too. The observation I made here is that when you do have an ability that it’s not activated (by a talent, i.e.) it’s not translated to the ability ID and goes as your client language. This happens when you try to make a macro that can be used by people who choose other talents than the intended ones by the macro creator, so we include some other unused talent abilities in the macro. The only solution I’ve found to bypass this is to plan the macro, leave the game, change the non used abilities for their IDs in the GSE.lua file in the SavedVariables folder, go back online and export it immediately without changing anything to it.
I do that in all the macros I release to the public, but it’s controversial blaming the contributor for not doing it, since he is the person contributing to the community with his macro. So, before complaining, why don’t YOU go to and translate it for yourself or try compiling your own macro, spending your time on refining it to your tastes? That’s my two cents about this. Sorry if I’m being rude or something, but sometimes people can’t see that we, macro contributors, we spend a lot of time making them and sharing to the public.

Best BM Macro for me so far!

this macro sucks

then for what I have been able to try until now my macro is the best for hunter bm for several reasons.
practice the most precise rotation possible by going to keep up the stac of barbed shot at best, as well as use pet spell to duty. moreover being able to use the 2 cd of bestial wrath damage and aspect of wilde you have the freedom to be able togliere as you use it when.
there is only a recurring problem in gse current, which does not respect any priority given to him command example:
i have put in premacro chimera shot and a murdere of crow, but often does not use them as well as does not use the priority sometimes for those 2-3 seconds barbed shot. how can you solve?

Sorry mate but this macro just doesn’t get it done for me. Maybe its my gear or something I don’t know. It can’t hold a candle to Valamars macro.

ilvl 385. Did 3 5min tests using your macro and got an average of 13k dps. Did 3 5min tests of Vals and got an average of 14.9k dps.

Give his a try:


News Flash for you Drupollo3 before you go bad mouthing something that someone has made for us and namely you don’t you think that you might want to talk to the person that made GSE before hand and maybe just maybe that issue can be fixed you’ve done this twice in two different post cut your B.S. out and go talk to the one that made GSE in private

cant save this… wont lite up SAVE… have space for macs so thats not it…cant figure what im doing wrong… any help?? wanna try this one…looks great…thanks.

what ms does Valamars macro work best at?

100% dps where?i try this macro 411 itl and in 5 minut i do 19k dps, with pharmacist macro i do 23k on same dummy…this macro don’t spam correctly cobra shot for reset bestial wrath in my test cobra shot do more damage then kill command…