New Brewmaster macro 5.4

Hi, i found this macro and edited it a little, i seem to do more dps with this one and shuffle stacks more frequently.
Just press alt to reset stagger to zero.

Let me know what you think, or even what to improve :slight_smile:

#showtooltip blackout kick
/castsequence reset=0 0,0,0,0,blackout kick
/castsequence reset=0 0,0,0,chi wave
/castsequence reset=0 0,0,expel harm
/castsequence reset=0 0,guard
/castsequence [mod:alt]purifying brew;reset=5 Jab,Tiger Palm,Keg Smash,Jab,Tiger Palm
/cast elusive brew

ow, and yeah, i was surprised by the “reset=0” instead of “reset=0,x” but seems to work like a charm.

Closing this one. Already a topic.