New demo 9.2 end game

hi everyone I post my macro that I use for warlok demonology. it is a very simple macro as I have tested all the existing macros for different classes and I have found that well written and simple macros work much better than others that are too complex. having said that the macro will tend to use as much poissibile a so-called evil pursuers and hand of gul’dan to evoke an army of imp and significantly raise dps. please try it and advise where you can apply improve or just de you are fine. thank you all



Talents: 1111112

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.70.

demonic dart I use it manually to the precise proc because it runs in macro and it is too slow and often useless so I use it at 100% proc. and also for aoe once summoned armed imps I use implosion manually.

i use cds separately to upgrade coven skills + demonic tyrant summoning

macro cd



Talents: 1111112

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.70.

awesome, as a lock my self, i will check this out and give feedback after testing a few scenarios

im confused as to how you use two different talent builds as the cd_Demo in macro says 1111232…i realize with passive actions you can do that ax the talent line but not if its a regular action and not passive… or so i understood…sorry… but im a noob also. thanks.

hi deano-w then I play so I have 2 macros as you see the normal macro that performs the rotation and the cd-demo macro which are the various enhancements that I use manually in this case
2-skill of the coven (nigh fae) in my case
3-summoning demonic tyrant.

in particular I play using the basic macro fixed and when I am at the boss, or maybe a pull aoe exaggerated or in any case under active heoism the macro cd demo.
in practice, my hostile game would be like this:
mythical plus divided into 4 bosses do I count I execute for the whole run macro base and to each boss I also use the cd demo to strengthen me and do more damage. keep in mind that the cd demo macro you have to press it at least 2 times to run coven + demonic tyrant. I hope I was clear