[NEW] Gnome Sequencer Blood DK

Sequences['Blood'] = {
    PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
    '/cast Icy Touch',
    '/cast Plague Strike',
    '/cast Blood Boil',
    '/cast Death Strike',
	'/cast Dancing Rune Weapon',
	'/cast Plague Leech',
	'/cast Death Strike',
	'/cast !Death Coil',
    '/cast Soul Reaper',
    "/cast Bone Shield" ,
    '/cast Rune Weapon',
	'/cast Anti-Magic Shell',
	'/cast Empower Rune Weapon',

Some people have asked for a Blood DK GS so this is what I came up with, I keep Ice bound, Vamp, and Death Pact on separate buttons for use as well as a simple Chains/Grip Macro

2,3,1,3,1,1 (Talents)
Anti-magic is the only Glyph that pertains to this Macro


This is a multi-use tank Macro so it includes both Single Target and AoE

Will test as soon as the maintenance is over. Quick question - Why do you use " on the Bone Shield line and the rest are ’

not trying to be a jerk, just wondering if " does something unique

Cheers and thanks for sharing!

From what I understand so far is its an Option Preference, so GS will give preference to Both " and !, I’m fairly new to Gnome Sequencer, but everything fires off smoothly for me

I’ve been using GS for quite a while now and have never heard of it giving preference to " or !'s, I’ll have to test that, since that feature would be useful. AFAIK (and this is ofc, only what I’ve read on the dev’s addon page) using ’ / [[]] these symbols yield the same results, [[]] being the simplest form of reading, ’ being a general one that doesn’t work for everyone for some reason. Never thought of trying " out so I’ll get back after testing.

Good macro over all, Not my style personally since I dislike long GS macros since I spam keys.

Might I suggest though an extra sequence for Outbreak + Plague Leech. I haven’t gotten my DK up to 90 (or even 100 now) yet, so haven’t finished polishing mine off, but the Glyph of Outbreak removes the CD from Outbreak but makes it cost Runic power, essentially removing the need for Icy Touch / Plague strike in a rotation albeit costing RP

Just something to think about.

how can i use those macros. im new here and no idea, how to use them can somebody help me out with would really be thankful