New havoc dps singol/aoe



Talents: 1111211

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.44.

331 / 5000

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I’ve tried all the macros, and they’re pretty good, but they often crash or don’t use spells, so I decided to publish my own version. eye ray I use it separately from the macro i nquanto has a greater efficiency and no nspreca fury for the other spells. I’m finding it very well plus let me know yours

How fast do u use it?

hello look I do not use neither ahk nor softwrare mouse keyboards also for fear of receiving ban, I press it manually by setting mouse pressure constant delays at 100ms

I update, I have gone up to 230 gear now and I still maintain that the macro is great, really high numbers I keep in plus.

notes macro explanation how to optimize it for use:
1-macro will perform rotation with the relative spells without ever stopping, you will manually use the spell radius or clear in order to have 100% optimization out of coldow and the precise use of the pulls that you consider excellent. i guarantee my odps is extremely high i keep the average of 240 people sometimes even more.

2-I use a separate macro to use the various cds (demonic metaformosis + red-hot pyre + coven spell (sylphs of the night))
I guarantee that in certain pull singles for boss and pull aoe my odps skyrockets.

3-spammo manually the macro with key 1 I run eyepiece with key 2 and use cd macro with key 3, the rest interrupt and stgun use 2 separate keys 4-5. I play using a mouse with 12 side buttons which is perfect for spamming and using spell macros. if you also want to have a feedback in game you can contact me in game to try directly inside mythic. any question do not hesitate to write

What the hell is ROGO ROVENTE ???

Just ask google… for that