New hunter bm tested dragonflight ptr build

delete for new update.

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I hope you appreciate my passion for being already ahead and using this beautiful addon from tymoti also inn dragonflight. let me know


What version are you using of GSE? I still don’t find any version working for DF

hi the gse version for ptr beta is available on tymotiluke patreon, i being grateful to him and those who help him with this addon have become his patreon supporter so i appreciate his work. if you want the version now it is only available there as he wrote himself in the post

Is your gse 3.1.05???

new update beta dragonflight 25/09/2022



Talents: ?,?,?,?,?,?,?,

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.07-PatronPreview.




Talents: 2132311

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.07-PatronPreview.

new talent tester

off to test your updates. let ya know how it went asap.

working very well. i am very happy with this macro.

back on topic. still going good with this macro.

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I’ve deleted a bunch of posts unrelated to this thread to keep it on topic, feel free to make a new topic in the correct location and continue if you so desire but keep it out of this one. please and thankyou.


@gamers just wondering if you gotten any new tweaks tested out. this is still a fantastic Macro and works great. no complaints mostly just curious.

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hello actually I have tried many combinations, and currently the one posted here seems to be the best also because reading from the various theoricrafters the spells currently to be used are an obligatory choice death chakram, legendary piercing fangs for the rest many talents do not seem to be good for nothing . I have tried tannte combinations for example another good combination seems to be call of the wild + blody frenzy which greatly increases the ldps. the problem lies in the fact that a cd that is too long seems to be. aspect of wild which was our most powerful spell has become almost useless now unfortunately. let’s wait and see if they fix something ok I will keep updated post with update and more in this case

I’ am very confused as to where to get
gse that works with
dragonflight on regular PTR. Or I need DF beta? Anyone care to point? Thanks!

And yes I am Timothies patreon.

go to “gse-resources” part of Tims Discord.

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It works well for me. What talents would you put at level 60?

look up and see what is pictured there is the best i can tell you. so far those are working great for me.

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the thing is that at level 60, I can’t put all the talents you’re using. those talents you put are for level 70, right?

put them as far as you can, then add as you get the points. alot of coming back here to see. lol

ok, so macro not working in retail now. not sure if it was supposed to. but wanted to let you know,